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On April 1, in Tromso, Norway:

Sun and Moon Data for One DayThe following information is provided for Tromso (longitude E19.0, latitude N69.5):

Tuesday 1 April 2014 Universal Time + 1h


Begin civil twilight 03:46

Sunrise 04:50

Sun transit 11:48

Sunset 18:49

End civil twilight 19:53

So, about 14 hours of sunlight. Which seems right; on the equinox, on March 21, every place in the world (except the poles themselves) get 12 hours of sunlight. April1 is only ten days later.

Now jump to the end of the month and see the changes!

Wednesday 30 April 2014 Universal Time + 1h SUNSunrise 02:29 Sun transit 11:41 Sunset 20:58

NO twilight entries; twilight doesn't end and the sky never gets dark. In Russia, they would call this the "white nights". There are 5.5 hours of "white night", with 18.5 hours of daylight.

Go forward another 17 days. On May 17, the Sun rises at 0029 and sets

23 hours later at 2306.

On May 18, the Sun rises at 0013, and sets again ...... 69 DAYS later,

at 2320 on July 25.

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Q: How many hour of daylight in north Norway in April?
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