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How many hours can 1 giga byte hold?

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Assuming that your'e speaking about 128 kbps MP3's at approximately 1 MB/minute, then 1 GB (1000 MB) / 60 minutes per hour comes around to 16 hours of music.

2008-05-17 21:12:38
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How many GB in 1 MB?

A GB is a giga byte, which is larger than a MG or mega byte. A mega byte is 10 to the 6th power, a giga byte is 10 to the 9th power. A giga byte then goes into a mega byte .66666 times. If you need how many mega bytes into a giga byte, it's 1.5.

1 tera byte equals how many giga byte?

one tera byte is equal to 1024 giga bytes.

How many kilo byte 1 giga byte?

1048576 KB

179 MB how many GB is?

A giga byte is 1024 mb. 179mb is nearly 2/10 of a Giga Byte

How many giga bytes in 700MB?

0.7gb 1 giga byte= 1000 mb

How many KB is 2 gb?

Two thousand kilo byte is two giga byte

How many megabytes are in 5 giga byte?

There are 5120mb in 5gb

How many hours of video can 8 giga bite s hold?

bout ten

How many GigaByte in 10 MegaBytes?

there are no giga bytes in 10 mega bytes. there are 1024 mega bytes in a giga byte

One giga byte is how many KB?

1 GB equals 1048576KB

How many mega bytes in 1 giga byte?

1024 mega bytes

How many mega bytes are in one giga byte?

1024 mb = 1 gb

How many GB in ghz?

Giga-byte (GB) is a unit of memory size while Giga-Hertz (GHz) is a measure of frequency, there is no conversion factor.

80 giga bites how many songs can load?

umm 400 songs to 1 giga byte. so over 10,000 atleest x

One giga byte equals how many kilo bytes?


How many mega bytes make 1 giga byte?

1 gb = 1 kmb

How many mega bytes equal one giga byte?

1 gigabyte=1024 megabytes

How many mega bits are in 2.5 giga bits?

Multiply that by 1024 to get 2560 megabits. Note that a bit is not the same thing as a byte. A bit is an eighth of a byte.

How many GHz in 80 GB?

Ghz is Giga hertz, a type of frecuency commonly used in processor nomenclature. GB is Giga byte, used in memory. 1GB = 1000MB (mega byte) 1Ghz= 1000Mhz 80GB= 80000MB= A butt load of bytes :)

How many type of byte?

Bytes, Kili Bytes, Mega Bytes, Giga Bytes, And I think there is such thing as Super Bytes.

How many movies can a iPod hold?

it depends on what giga bite ipod you have.

How many songs can a 8 giga bite hold?

4,000 songs.

How many mega bytes equal 1 giga byte?

1024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte

How many hours in 1 giga?

None. 1 giga is a pure number. It has no association with time (or any other measure).

How many songs can 1 giga bite hold?

Usually 1 gig can hold about 250 songs. Hope that helps.