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How many hours does a forensic scientist work a day?

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How many hours do forensic scientist work?

Most forensic scientist work well over the normal 40 hour work week. Their hours vary depending on if more than 1 crime has happened in a week.

How many hours do forensic scientists work?

An average forensic scientist works a 5-day and 40 hour a week.

How long do forensic scientist work?

up to about 5 to 12 hours of work

What are the differences between a forensic scientist and a CSI forensic scientist?

A Forensic Scientist and A Csi Forensic scientist are the same there is no change in what you do. The only change is where you work.

How many hours do forensic scientists work a day?

The number of hours that forensic scientists work a day varies. These scientists can work 15-20 hour days for example.

How many hours do you work when you do forensic science?

17 hours on days that they work. If they are not working, they still get paid by the hour.

What is it like being a forensic scientist?

* Steps 1. Step One Decide if you would like being a forensic scientist or a science technician. * Being a forensic scientist is pretty stressful. * A bad thing about being a forensic scientist is that you have to work with very dangerous chemicals. * The real challenge of being a forensic scientist is testifying in the courtroom as an expert witness.

How many hours per week does a forensic psychologist work?

How many hours per week a forensic psychology works varies. The average is between 20 and 40 hours perk week.

How many hours does a life scientist work?


How many hours a work does a forensic toxicologist work?

30-40 hours. sometimes even up to 60 depending on the case

Which country does forensic scientist work for?

almost every country have their own forensic scientist, which help them in solving criminal casses and other medical related problem

What are disadvantages of being a forensic scientist?

You work on the dead bodys to analyze them.

Do forensic scientist work with dead bodies?

yes that is their job specilty

What are the disadvantage of being a forensic scientist?

you could be killed in the line of work

What is the work environment for a Forensic Scientist?

find the person or what killed the body

Are any special licenses required to work as a forensic scientist?


How many hours does a forensic pathologist work in a week?

roughly 12-73 hours depending on the job setting

How many hours does a forensic anthropolgist usually work?

Depending on where you work, a forensic anthropologist works 5 or 6, 7-8 hour days but you are always on call

How much money does a forensic scientist earn in Perth Australia?

A forensic scientist makes around 70,000 dollars. Who they work for and their experience will factor into how much money they make.

What personal skills do you need to become a forensic scientist?

You need to do chemistry university and have good grade.You usually take a test wich qualifys you to work as a forensic scientist...

What are the work hours of a forensic anthropologist?

That would depend where you work.

Where do forensic scientist work?

They work in departments related to investigations like CBI,CID etc.

What is the average amount of hours a forensic anthropologist work?

A forensic anthropologist will work varying hours depending on the project or who they are working for. An average of 40-60 hours a week would not be uncommon.

What type of evidence do forensic psychiatrists work with?

Usually their own reports, assessments, police reports and other paperwork. A forensic psychiatrist doesn't work with science in the same way a forensic scientist (such as you see on CSI) does.

What are the hours of a forensic pathologist?

Forensic pathologist weekly work hours are about 12-73 hours depending on the job setting. Unlike other professions there is no time limit. We are called when there is work and when there is a body to be inspected.