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orthodontists work on average of 35 to 40 hours a week

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How many hours a day does an orthodontist work?

A gazillion!

How many hours does an orthodontist work a day?


How many days a week does an orthodontist work?

Most dental practices are open Monday through Friday. Some have Saturday hours.

What is the availability of an orthodontist?

nobody wants to be an orthodontist so the job isvery avaliable, paid $150.29 an hour and you only work for 40 hours a week.

What are the working conditions for an orthodontist?

most of them work between 30 and 40 hours a week

Where can an orthodontist work?

=The best place for an orthodontist to work is in the urban areas of a city.=

Do the orthodonist but braces on?

Actually No, The Orthodontist assistant does. The Orthodontist just tells them what needs to be done. The Orthodontist assisant does most of the work. But the Orthodontist has to know what he is doing in order to tell the assistants what to do.

Were do orthodontist work?

Assuming you mean "where," Orthodontists, like many business owners, work in their own established offices.

Where do orthodonticts work?

In an orthodontist practise.

How many hours does a hair stylist work?

how many work hours do a hair stylist work how many work hours do a hair stylist work

What is the average Orthodontist salary in the US?

Orthodontist salaries depend on work experience and location. The average salaries range from $82,028 to $270,477. Orthodontist help straighten teeth before dental surgery and work on braces.

Do orthodontist need a license to work?


Where does a orthodontist work?

an orthodontis works at a dentist

How long does it take for a retainer to be made after the impressions are done?

It usually takes about a week if it has to be ORDERED by your orthodontist, but can be 24 hours, if it is MADE by your orthodontist.

What is a sentence for the word orthodontist?

An orthodontist can treat many problems that people have with their teeth.

What a typical day for a orthodontist?

A typical day for an orthodontist is going to work and seeing patients all day. An orthodontist will apply braces to teeth, make adjustments on braces, and removing braces.

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How many hours does a PLN work?

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how many hours does a hair stylists have to work.

Can an orthodontist refuse to remove braces if there is an outstanding balance?

Well, it's all up to the orthodontist. To you it may look like your teeth are now perfect. But to your orthodontist, it may look like more work needs to be done. Trust your orthodontist, he knows what he is doing.

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