How many hours does it take to make a cake?


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To mix and bake a simple cake, it will take less than an hour. If you are decorating or making a more elaborate cake, it will then take longer than that.

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A German Chocolate cake is a dark chocolate sponge cake which is then layered with coconut an pecans. A lot of effort is required to make this cake and will take approximately two hours.

it really depends on the amount of orders of cake they get a day and till when the person wants the cake , and how long it will take.

It usually take 30 mins to an hour to prepare a cake, and about one hour or so to bake it, for the average cake, that is.

To bake, fill, ice & decorate a wedding cake can take anywhere from 12 hours to many days to complete. It depends on how large it is, how many tiers it is comprised of, how detailed the icing/pattern is on the exterior, etc.

If You Cook A Double Mix Cake It Take Too Long ! I Mean 2-3 Hours `But If You Make A Single Cake It TaKe Half To The Hour Of Taking The double mix cake That's All Thank You For Your Wonderful Question !!

6-12 hours, depending on the size and type of cake.

About 45 minutes or so. If you want to go big, a 5-layer cake takes about 3 hours, if you have to use the same oven.

maybe it takes 2 hours or 5 hours

An applesauce cake would take on average one hour to make. This includes baking the cake in the oven after mixing the ingredients, and also cooling before serving.

as long as it take for a fimble to make a cake

Depends on what kind of cake you are baking and how well you do it, some cakes take several days, but some cales take hours.

Making a cake with butter is not going to take any longer than any other cake. Most any cake shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.

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There is no set time measured for making cake pops but I can say that it's not a fast process. Once you bake the cake there is cooling time (preferably overnight) then there is crumbling, mixing with frosting then forming balls then there is more chilling (preferably overnight) then the dipping and decorating. It can take several hours into days to create the perfect cake pop.

It would still take the same time to bake the cake. Each cake would still need to be baked for 4 hours.

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You can make Windsor in about 3 hours, Toronto will be closer to 5 hours.

How many cake mixes does it take for a 12"x16" cake pan and how long do you cook it and at what temperture?

If your using standard size cake mix boxes, usually it takes on box to make two 2 in. round cakes, so that would equal 2 whole boxes for two 16 in. round cakes.

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