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This is really going to vary based on where in the United States you are flying from and where in Nigeria you are flying to. From New York to Nigeria would be (with a layover) about 21 hours. For a more accurate result, list the locations.

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Q: How many hours fight from US to Nigeria?
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How many hours does it take to fly from Minnesota to Nigeria?

it take us 15 hours 30m

How many hours time difference between US mountain time and Nigeria?

US Mountain Time - is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT -7 hours, ie. 7 hours behind Greenwich, England. Nigeria is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +1 hours, ie. 1 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. US Mountain Time is 8 hours behind Nigeria. (Daylight savings not taken into account.)

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How many miles is it between Maryland US and nigeria?

It is near about 5244 miles.

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