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Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) to Auckland (AKL) Shortest Flight Duration * 20 hours 10 mins * Via Los Angeles International Apt, Los Angeles (LAX) * this includes transfer time at Los Angeles International Apt, Los Angeles (LAX)


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A flight from Minnesota to Auckland NZ takes 16 hours.

The flight time from Auckland, New Zealand, to Santiago, Chile, is 12.5 hours. Auckland is 16 hours ahead of Santiago. Auckland is in the New Zealand time zone while Santiago is in the Chile time zone.

A typical flight from BKK to Auckland, New Zealand takes about 11 to 12 hours.

A typical flight from Portland, Oregon to Auckland, New Zealand takes about 13 hours and 45 minutes.

The flight from Phx to Auckland is 12 hours long

Flying from Aberdeen, Scotland --> Auckland, New Zealand would take about 23 hours.

10 hours 15 minutes if on the direct flight

Tokyo (TYO) to Auckland (AKL)Shortest Flight Duration 14 hours 0 minsAir New Zealand flight is 11 hours 10 min.

The flight time from Auckland, New Zealand to China is about 13 hours, 21 minutes.

The flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Hawaii is about 9 and a half hours. There us about 4,378 miles between the two locations.

The flight time from Pittsburgh International Airport to Auckland Airport is about 17 hours.

A typical flight between Dallas, TX and Auckland, New Zealand would have a flying time of about 14 hours, 53 minutes.

The flight from Auckland New Zealand to Sydney Australia is about 3 hours Then from Sydney Australia To London England is between 21.5 and 23 hours making the total flight time anywhere from 24.5 to 27 Hours.

The flight time between Auckland, New Zealand and Bologna, Italy is approximately 22 hours and 17 minutes.The distance is about 11,430 miles.

13 hours 15 minutes on Air New Zealand - Auckland to Vancouver direct (no stops).

The time it takes to fly between Auckland and New Zealand depends on which direction you are travelling because of the prevailing winds. * For LA to Auckland it is about 13 hours * for Auckland to LA it is about 12 hours About 13-14 hours 12.5 to 14 hours. The timing listed by the flight has always been exactly that or less than.

A typical flight between Auckland, New Zealand and Florida would have a flying time of about 16 hours, 5 minutes.

From Auckland to L.A., the flight is about 12 hours. You do cross the dateline, so you arrive in L.A. before you've left Auckland.

1 hour is the usual flight time between Auckland and Wellington

It is about 5 hours from NYC to LA, California then another 13 hours to Auckland, New Zealand. There are no direct flights.

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