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I live near a big Windmill park on the island named Smøla in Western Norway. Each mill produce ca 2MW. The production depend on the strength of the wind and the amount of time giving wind. It is an estimate that 68 mills support 25000 inhabitants with electric energy.
With average 2 persons in a household, the production gives enogh electric energy for ca 12000 households.

Each mill then supports about 200 households.

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Q: How many houses can one windmill power?
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How do you make a windmill?

A simple windmill consists of a vertical post with two rotating hubs - one vertical, one horizontal - attached at the top. Each hub is attached to the other, allowing the windmill to rotate horizontally and point into the wind. The vertical hub has slats attached radially to it, each one at a slight angle. As the wind passes over the slats, the Bernoulli principle (high pressure/low pressure) causes the vertical hub to rotate. By itself, a windmill is just decorative, but if big enough, it can be used to rotate grist stones in mills, run pumps, etc.

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How many houses can one wind mill give for one year?

A windmill cannot give any houses!

One windmill can power up how many homes?

1000 homes

How many homes can a giga watt power?

about one million houses

Is the windmill still used today?

The windmill are actually still used today. Though we use a more advanced and technical one. This one moves even faster when pushed by wind and still moves slowly when there is no wind. These ones are believed to only be for decoration, but that is untrue. These actually power water pipes under ground and some electricty in houses and buildings. But in houses and buildings this is only for the basic stuff. But if the electricty goes out the windmill will not keep it on. The windmill is still used , but isnt the most common form of electricty. You would mostly see them powerign small things or yes, for decoration.

How many homes does one wind turbine power?

one wind turbine can produce enough energy to power 10000 houses with the right amount of wind.

Why wind farm is made instead of one windmillfor the production of electricity?

Total power extraction, each windmill adds more power.

How many American houses can one lightning bolt power?

One lightning bolt could power one American household for one month. The problem would be that you have to know exactly where the lightning is going to strike.

How much is it to run wind power?

Actually, it is so profitable and in demand, that you can lease your land for windmill companies, one windmill for every quarter acre, and still use the land for things, like cattle raising.

How does home windmill power generation work for a good price?

A windmill converts wind energy into electricity. It seems as though it would be expensive and inefficient to do this on a small scale. Wind is also a somewhat unreliable source of power unless one resides in certain geographic areas.

How can one find more information about a windmill generator?

One can find information on windmill generators from their local libraries. One can also find information about windmill generators from online websites such as Whole Sale Solar.

Is windmill power less damaging to the environment than hydroelectric power?

Yes it is: Hydroelectric power is usually derived from rerouting water and controlling its flow. One enormous example is the building and use of the great Hoover Dam. Making these changes is very disruptive to ecosystems, not only in the streams but in the entire surrounding areas. On the other hand, windmill power does not really disrupt the local ecosystems.

How tall are wind turbine blades?

A: I can tell you in California one blade if 40' how hi I don't know