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molly pitcher had two husbands

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Q: How many husbands did Molly Pitcher have?
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Who took her husbands place at a cannon during the Revolutionary War?

Molly Pitcher

In what battle did Molly Pitcher fire a cannon?

molly pitcher didnt fire a cannon, she fired her husbands pickle and then they had lovely kids!Get it? Got it? GOOD! This was a dare sorry!

Who was Molly Pitcher's husband?

she had two husbands the first one was John hays. john hays died in a war,he died in 1789 not long after his death molly pitcher married George Macaulay he was not so nice to molly

What is Molly picher Famous for?

Also referenced as Molly Pitcher. Molly Picher is a women who supposedly manned her husbands cannon after he died during the American Civil War.

How many children does Molly Pitcher have?

Molly Pitcher has one (1)child.

How many brother's and sister's did molly pitcher have?

molly did the

How many brothers and sisters molly pitcher have?

molly did the

How did Molly Pitcher contribute to the war?

She contributed by pitching water for the soldiers and also, firing her injured husbands gun.

How many battles did Molly Pitcher fight in?

molly pitcher was 75? years when she joined the war

Did Molly Pitcher face any problems in her life?

she didn't get any awards but Molly Pitcher was honored with an overprint reading "MOLLY / PITCHER" on a U.S. postage stamp. Molly was further honored in World War II with the naming of the Liberty ship SS Molly Pitcher, launched in 1943. It was used to encourage the use of the ration program and the purchase of treasury bonds during World War II. The stretch of US Route 11 between Shippensburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is known as the Molly Pitcher Highway.

What award did George Washington give Molly Pitcher?

how many money did molly pitcher get from Gorge Washigton

Molly pitcher education?

molly pitcher had no education