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there are more than 2000 in the united states so im guessing about 8ish thousand?

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How many hydroelectric dams in the world?

There are thousands in the world!

How many hydroelectric dams in SA?

2 hydroelectric dams in south Africa

Do hydroelectric dams affect the environment?

believe it or not hydroelectric dams do affect the environment.

How many hydroelectric projects completed by June 2010?

There are thousands of hydroelectric projects (dams in rivers with electricity turbines attached) all over the world.

Why were many dams built in Oklahoma?

hydroelectric power.

Hydroelectric dams use the kinetic energy of water to produce electrical energy What is the environmental drawback of building hydroelectric dams?

Dams disrupt a river's ecosystem.

What are dams built to generate energy from water call?

hydroelectric dams

What is the environmental drawback of building hydroelectric dams?

dams disrupt a river's ecosystem

What is the energy produced by hydroelectric dams?


Where is the most hydroelectric power generated?


Are hydroelectric power plants dams?


Where is hydroelectric mostly used?

yes it is most used in the dams yes it is most used in the dams

Where does hydropower come from?

Dams such as Hoover Dam or the dams of the Niagra River generate hydroelectric power.

What are some problems that hydroelectric dams have caused?


What is a disadvantage of hydroelectric dams?

it costs alot of money

How is water a major source of electricity?

Hydroelectric dams.

How is hydroelectric power produced?

It is produced by hydroelectric dams. In these dams, falling water (water in motion) is used to turn turbines which rotate the alternator - the machine that generates the electricity.

What type of energy is produced from water in dams?

The energy produced by water in dams is called hydroelectric power.

What places are using hydroelectric?

Places near large dams.

What power plant are located in rivers dams and waterfalls?


What are the benefits of the dams along the Colorado river?

Hydroelectric power.

What uses moving water to create electricity?

Hydroelectric dams.

Why is the hydroelectric dam used to provide power for homes in Singapore?

Singapore does not use hydroelectric dams to generate electricity.

How do hydroelectric dams have an impact on crocodiles?

Hydroelectric dams has blades which only allows fishes to pass through. When crocodiles gets caught, their blades spins faster making their escaping very difficult. Eventually the blades rips the crocodile into many tiny pieces.

How many hydroelectric dams in the US?

5 or 6 im not really sure , correct me if im wrong please

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