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Pretty much all of them if you find the right sites. They're know as Warez.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-16 15:57:42
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Q: How many illegal downloading softwares are there available on the Internet?
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Illegal downloading from the internet is no different to theft?

Illegal downloading from the internet is no different to theft?

Where does illegal downloading occur?


Is downloading copied softwares illegal?

Anything with a copywright is a no no to copy. If you copy, and if they can trace it to you, the owners of the copywright can charge you and they probably will.

Is downloading music from foreign services such as Ares illegal?

I have downloaded softwares from Acer but don't know about music.I don't think it is illigal.

Downloading illegal music from the internet is called?

i believe it is called pirating

IS Stage-vu illegal?

Yes. Anything like music and films are illegal to watch on the internet or downloading from the internet for free. Also be careful of the spyware and viruses that you could be downloading. hope this is what you was looking for.

Is downloading r4 card games on the internet illegal?

it isn't illegal to download the games its illegal to have one r4 card

Should downloading pirated music from the internet illegal?

I think it *is* illegal. Whether or not it should depends on your philosophy.

Why is downloading stuff from the internet illegal?

-For example, downloading songs is illegal because there will be no profit for the providers of the album. This is a bit like cheating in a game. -I fancy Georgina Miners!

What is illegal downloading?

illegal downloading is when someone downloading something that is not allowed.

Good habits for avoiding illegal downloading and file sharing?

Don't use the internet.

What definition of illegal downloading?

Downloading is not illegal. What may be illegal is downloading content that you do not have a legal right to use or possess.

Is it okay if you download Pokemon Crystal for free if its not illegal?

Yes, it is okay if you download Pokemon Crystal for free if it's not illegal. Before downloading any data from the Internet it is vital that you check with your ISP and your specific countries laws with regards to the downloading of content from the Internet.

Is downloading music off the Internet illegal?

Not if it is purchased or if it is provided by a licensed site. Programs like iTunes allow you to pay for downloading your music... that is legal.

What is the best site to download music to an iphone?

Downloading music off the internet is illegal, so using iTunes is the best way of downloading music.

Why is downloading songs illegal?

Downloading songs is not illegal. However downloading songs that you have not purchased a license to download is.

Is it illegal to copy and print out someone's personal photo on the internet?

It is illegal to use someone else photo available on internet. 

Where is it available to rent percussion instruments in Tallahassee Florida?

All downloading from these free sites is illegal, do not do it!

Is downloading songs from mediafire illegal?

It is illegal if you didn't buy a license for downloading it.

Is it illegal to download a ps2 game from the internet?

Yes games are sold and downloading them is against copyright laws

Is Downloading Microsoft Access from LimeWire Illegal?

Yes it is illegal as you are downloading copyrighted material

Is it still illegal to download music off the internet?

Downloading music off the internet is quite common and not illegal. There are free music downloads availible at You can also upload your favorite music from Youtube.

What is illegal to download on the internet?

Any download that violates the copyright license is considered an illegal download. Downloading music, movies, books, etc, without permission from the owner of the content is illegal.

Is LimeWire illagleal?

no limewire is not illegal. but the things you get off it can be i have had my internet shut off for downloading copyright things on limewire

Can you download mp3 music from the site playlistcom?

Usually downloading songs from sites on the Internet is illegal, so beware.