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There are 192 inactive volcanoes in Japan

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How many inactive and volcanos are there in the Philippines?

There are 103 inactive volcanoes in the Philippines.

How many inactive volcanoes are their in the Philippines?

For now the current list of inactive volcanoes are 355

How many inactive volcanoes in the world?

There are more than 1000 inactive volcanoes in the world.

What is a list of active and inactive volcanoes in the world?

There are many, many active and inactive volcanoes all over the world. See the related link for a list of active and inactive volcanoes by country.

How many dead and active volcanoes are there in the Philippines?

25 active, i cant figure out how many inactive volcanoes there are but just google philipines inactive volcanoes

What is the names of an inactive volcanoes?

Inactive, but not extinct volcanoes are called dormant volcanoes.

What are the active and inactive volcanoes?

active volcanoes erupt inactive dont

Why are there inactive volcanoes?

how come the old volcanoes in Australia ar inactive

What are 5 inactive volcanoes?

I've attached a list of inactive volcanoes

Do all volcanoes erupt all of the time?

No. Many volcanoes are dormant or inactive.

Where are the inactive volcanoes in NY?

There are no volcanoes in New York, neither active nor inactive.

What is a inactive volcanoes?

Inactive volcanoes are unlikely to errupt,however there is no guarantee that they won't errupt . Also called dormant volcanoes.

How many dormant volcanoes Japan?

15.5 dormant volcanoes are in Japan

Is Australia the only continent with inactive volcanoes?

Yes. Australia is the only continent with inactive volcanoes.

Give some active and inactive volcanoes in the Philippines?

what are the examples of inactive and active volcanoes?

How many active and inactive volcanoes are in Africa total?


How many volcanoes are there in Japan?

There are 124 volcanoes in Japan.

What is the inactive volcanoes in the Philippines?

there are 88 inactive volcanoes in the Philippines...... answered by:john Henry c. gervasio

What are active-inactive volcanoes?

Active volcanoes still have the ability to erupt. Inactive are essentially ex-volcanoes, just big mounds.

Can active volcanoes became inactive volcanoes?


What are the ten inactive volcanoes erupted?

none cause there inactive

How many types of volocanoes are there?

There are actually quite a few different kinds of volcanoes in the world such as active volcanoes. These volcanoes include also underwater volcanoes and inactive volcanoes.

How many volcanoes are in Japan?

There are actually 124.65 volcanoes

What state has the most volcanoes whether they the volcanoes are active or inactive volcanoes?


List of Inactive Volcanoes?

when was the last time when the arenal volcano was inactive

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