How many injuries happened during battle during the civil war?

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Depends on the battle. Each one was different. Gettysburg had 50,000 die in 3 days of battle.

Actually, the figures for Gettysburg were:
Union 3155 Confederate 3903
Union 14,529
Confederate 18,735
Union 5365 Confederate 5425
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What happened to the slaves during the Civil War?

Answer . \nSome of them fought in the Civil War in return for their freedom, but never got it, and some of them stayed slaves on plantations, until president Lincoln signed the imancipation proclamation.

What happened during the US Civil War?

The Union placed a blockade on Southern exports, split the South inhalf by controlling the Mississippi River and New Orleans and thenfought a war of attrition that led to the eventual surrender of allSouthern forces.

What happened during the US Civil War Battle of Shiloh?

The Confederates caught Major General US Grant napping and put on aterrific assault that would have overwhelmed him, had it beencontinued. Grant's forces outnumbered the attacking Confederates. But Grant's troops rallied the next morning, helped by 20,000troops under General Buell.

How many battles occurred during the Civil War?

There were 50 battles fought during the Civil War that wereconsidered major battles. In addition to these, another 5,000 minorbattles took place. The total number of soldiers that died on thetwo sides was approximately 620,000.

How many battles were fought during the Civil War?

You have to set some parameters to get any sort of reasonable answer to this. In general, historians accredit more than 10,000 hostile actions (company sized or larger...meaning at least 200 soldiers fighting) and count 361 battles as Major Battles acknowledged by the US National Park Service as mos ( Full Answer )

Where the battles fought during the Civil War?

If you mean the US. Civil War: Here are some of the states where battles took place: 1. Alabama 2. Arkansas 3. Colorado 4. District of Colombia 5. Florida 6. Georgia 7. Kansas 8. Indiana 9. Louisiana 10. Kentucky 11. Maine 12. New York 13. Texas 14. Ohio 15. Virginia

What happened to the women during the civil war?

During the US Civil War, the women did what women through the ages have always done during times of war: stayed home and tended to the farms and work that their husbands had left in order to fight. the women still raised their children, oversaw the workings of the farmer household, and sometimes bec ( Full Answer )

What happend during the battle of Savannah during the civil war?

Sherman's troops took the city, but did not destroy it as they had with Atlanta. The Southern troops left the city and it was occupied without a fight. Sherman's army, traveling fast and light, reached Savannah on December 10, 1864 and found Confederate troops under Lt. General Hardee blocking th ( Full Answer )

A major battle during the Civil War?

Some Major battles include:. Battle (State) Date Confederate Commander Union Commander Conf. Forces Union Forces Victor Casualties Battle of Gettysburg ( Pennsylvania ) . July 1-3, 1863. Robert E. Lee . George Meade . 71,699. 93,921. Union. 46,286 U: 23,055 C: 23,231. Seven Day ( Full Answer )

What happened in1862 during the civil war?

The start of the major campaigns, East and West. In the West, U.S. Grant emerged as a victorious army commander, though the credit initially went to his boss, the cautious, slow-moving Henry Halleck, who missed many opportunities to destroy the enemy. Still, by the end of the year, The Union had st ( Full Answer )

During the civil war what happened at the Gettysburg?

Gettysburg is a small Pennsylvania town. The Union and Confederatearmies fought a battle over three days. Lee's Confederate Armyfaced north.Mead's Union army faced south. On the first day, Leeattacked to his left. The Union army was successful in capturing ahill, Little Round Top. It put its artille ( Full Answer )

What was the battle during the civil war that was on a creek?

Almost every Civil War battle was on a creek. There was bound to be one somewhere on the battlefield. The Confederates called the battles after the nearest town; the Yankees named the same battle after the most prominent body of water nearby. So, for instance, the Battle of Antietam is usually kn ( Full Answer )

What happened in Chancellorsville during the Civil War?

Brilliant Confederate victory by Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in May 1863, before the latter's mortal wounding by his own side (possibly deliberate). It was Lee's last great triumph. He managed to wrong-foot the otherwise successful Union General Joe Hooker, who was replaced. But he would so ( Full Answer )

What was happening in 1864 during the civil war?

It was an election year, and Lincoln urgently needed victories. In March, he appointed U.S. Grant as General-in-Chief. Grant immediately ended the system of prisoner-exchange, knowing that the Confederates would run out of men first. Then he ordered Sherman to destroy the Army of Tennessee, while h ( Full Answer )

What happened during the civil war in 1863?

In the West, the capture of Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. In the East (on the same day, by chance), the devastating Confederate defeat at Gettysburg, ending Lee's hopes of invading the North, and putting him out of action till the following spring. In Tennessee, th ( Full Answer )

What was it like at battle during the Civil War?

If you were an onlooker of any of the Civil War battles, here is what you would have seen. Mini' balls (bullets) tearing soldiers' limbs to shreds. Blood covered the ground, and a day later, the area reaked with stench. Canons blasted arms and legs completely off of bodies. One man recalled in a let ( Full Answer )

Was there a battle during the civil war in June?

Yes there were battles fought in June during the US Civil War. Following is a partial list of the June fights. 1861- Battle of Big Bethel, Virginia. 1862- Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 1863- Brandy Station, Virginia, which was the largest cavalry fight of the war. 1864- The Petersburg and Richmo ( Full Answer )

What happened to the economics during the civil war?

The North prospered, because its industrial base was highly active, manufacturing war supplies, and skilled immigrants were continuing to arrive from Europe. The South suffered because its ports were blockaded and it could not export its one valuable commodity which was cotton, and it had no manufa ( Full Answer )

What was the battle like during the civil war?

A battle in the Civil War was a thing that, if many people today were to watch, would cause the viewer to feel like vomiting. Immensely bloody, a single battle could bring thousands of deaths; and in some locations, the corpses were so many that they literally covered the ground. During the actual ( Full Answer )

What happened in 1865 during the civil war?

In January, Robert E. Lee was appointed to the new Confederate post of General-in-Chief - too late to make any difference to the war situation. Until March, the Siege of Petersburg simply ground on, with Grant waiting for Lee to run out of men and supplies. (He had ended the system of prisoner exch ( Full Answer )

What battle was the turning point for the north during the civil war?

There were many turning points one being the battle of Ticonderoga. In Ticonderoga the rebels took the fort and all the cannons from the weapons hold. It made an advantage to them finally after being pounded by British cannon fire. The winning battle of the revolutionary war was the battle of Yorkto ( Full Answer )

What battles went on during civil war?

A lot and some are The battle of Gettysburg, Shiloh, Bull Run,Fort Sumter, Vicksburg, Nat Turners Revolt, Seven days battle. Antam, and many many more

Why were so many battles fought in Tennessee during the US civil war?

For the following reasons: 1 - Tennesse was the point of junction between the Confederatestates of the east and the west; 2 - the most important railroads lines connecting the aforementioned states were running through its territory; 3 - being crossed by the Rivers Tennessee and Cumberland and theMi ( Full Answer )

What battle during the civil war was the bloodiest?

The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 - 3, 1863 was the bloodiest battle of the US Civil War with over 50,000 casualties killed, wounded, and missing. The Battle of Antietam was the worst single day, September 17, 1862, and saw over 23,000 casualties.

What was important Battle during the civil war?

Vicksburg was the most cosrtly to the Confederates, because it liberated the Mississippi, and effectively ended the war in the West, freeing-up Grant and Sherman to join forces with the Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga. Gettysburg is often cited as the key turning-point of the war, but this wa ( Full Answer )

What battles during the civil war did Jefferson Davis fight in?

There were several men named Jefferson Davis that were involved in the Civil War including a general or two. Jefferson Davis was the name of the President of the Confederate States of America. He did not serve in any combat unit nor fight in any battles. He did lead troops from Mississippi in the M ( Full Answer )

Why were so many battles fought near rivers during the civil war?

the us civil war IMPROVEMENT. Because the rivers represented for the Union excellent way of penetrations into the South territory and for the Confederacy their control had to be defended at all costs in order to avoid strategic irrecoverable disadvantages in case their control would be lost. A brigh ( Full Answer )

What happened in Pennsylvania during the civil war?

Lee's attempted invasion in June 1863, hoping to feed and equip his troops with plunder from this prosperous state. It led to his historic defeat at Gettysburg. NEW RESPONDENT Furthermore the McCausland's Chambersburg Raid, ordered by Confederate Gen. Jubal Early, that took place on July 28 - August ( Full Answer )

Battle of Shiloh during civil war?

First big Union victory. It spelt the end of Confederate hopes in the West, and gave new credibility to Grant.

How many battles did the confederacy lose during the civil war?

The major ones were: Shiloh - Grant caught off-guard, but recovered Antietam - unexpected Union win, enabled by pure chance Vicksburg - ended the war in the West Gettysburg - ended Lee's hopes of invading the North Chattanooga - Grant broke a desperate Confederate siege Atlanta - largely help ( Full Answer )

What happened to andersonvill during the civil war?

It was a Confederate camp near Columbus, Georgia for housing Union prisoners. After Grant ended the system of prisoner-exchange, this camp became notoriously overcrowded. As the Confederates themselves were on half-rations by this stage, there wasn't going to be much left over to feed the prisoners ( Full Answer )

What happened during the Chickamauga Civil War battle?

The battle of Chickmauga was a much needed victory for the South in the US Civil War. The battle took place on September 19 to the 20th in 1863. The Confederate victory there allowed the South to gain control of Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was a main rail center. This was of tactical importance. T ( Full Answer )