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Just the honeybee. It has a barbed stinger that rips out his abdomen when it tries to remove it.

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Q: How many insects die after only stinging once?
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Are honey bees the only bees that leave their stinger in the thing or person that it stings?

Worker honey bees are the only insects with a barbed sting. All other stinging insects (including honey bee queens) have smooth stingers and can withdraw them after use. Not true see common myths of stinging insects in the related links below.

What is stinging cells of the hydra?

The stinging cells in the hydra is what helps it paralyze its prey. Once it uses its stinging cells to paralyze it, the hydra then uses its tentacles to push into itsslef considering that its only one cell layer thin.

What is the most deadly stinging insect in the world?

They're are many dangerous stinging insects in the world but the most dangerous is the bee. when you disturb a bunch of bee's in their hive they will get MAD then they will all attack you and you will die only a few people survived that because they jumped in a pool to save themselves

What is the present progressive tense of sting?

I am stinging. You are stinging. He/she/it is stinging. We are stinging. They are stinging. (Of course, normally only the 3rd person, it or they, would be used with sting.)

Do wasps leave their stinger?

Bees leave their stinger in the skin after only stinging once. Wasps can sting over and over and do not leave their stinger.

How many times can a insect bite?

There is no unifying limit to the number of times an insect can bite. Some insects can only bite once before dying.

An animals that only eat insects?

Many Animals Eat only insects but mainly it is ant eaters and different kinds of bats.

Are insects the only animal that has feelers?

No. There are many such as catfish.

Do africans eat insects?

yesmany people around the world eat insects not only africans

Why do bumble bees die after stinging something or someone?

Generally bumble bees don't die after stinging something or someone as they don't have barbs on their stingers. This allows them to sting multiple times. Honeybee stingers are barbed so they can only sting once and die after doing so.

An animal that eat only insects?

an animal that eats only insects

Are honeybees the only bees that die after stinging you?

Yes, only honeybees die after they sting.

How many times can a dolphin eat a squirrel?

Only once and then the squirrel is gone.Only once and then the squirrel is gone.Only once and then the squirrel is gone.Only once and then the squirrel is gone.

Will Armadillas eat corn?

no they only eat insects no they only eat insects

What type of animal that eats only insects?

Insectivores eat only insects.

How long can a honey bee live after stinging?

Only a few minutes.

Do insects eat leaves as larvae or adults or both?

This depends on the type of insect. Some insects only ever eat leaves while some eat honeydew once they reach maturity.

Which insects have only 7 letters in their names?


Why are bee stingers barbed?

I don't think anyone really knows. As far as we can see the barbs serve no purpose to the bee's advantage. The bee's sting really developed in the first place to sting other insects. When the sting is pushed through an insect's hard exoskeleton the barbs make the hole a little larger so the bee has no difficulty withdrawing the sting. It is only when stinging into animal skin, which is elastic and closes up around the sting, gripping the barbs, the bee can't easily withdraw the sting. Only the honey bee has barbed stings. The stings of other bees and wasps are smooth, and they function just as well when stinging other insects and they don't have problems withdrawing the sting after stinging animals.

What is an animal that eat only insects?


Are insects the the only invertebrates that can fly?

Correct,Insects ARE the only Invertebrates to evolve to fly!

Are wings found in insects and chelicerates?

No, only insects have wings...

How many Ph.D's can you get at once?

You Can nget only one PHD at once.

What is the phobia of camping called?

It is called Entomaphobia. Not really. Entomaphobia is the fear of insects. Insects are only one of many things that you could fear when camping.

How many wings has the millipede?

Millipedes do not have wings. Amongst arthropods only Insects have wings.