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138 million iPhones had been sold in the world, Steve Jobs also said on March 3rd 2011 over 100 million iPhones had been sold and now in 2011/2012 over 38.1 million iPhones 4S has been sold world wide.

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1China725,3582United States10,683,4033Brazil219,3394Russian Federation246,4215Japan1,378,9036Mexico215,3267Germany1,117,7168France2,248,8179United Kingdom2,551,12810Italy648,71811Korea, Republic of530,23512Spain377,34613Poland72,11414Canada919,07415Taiwan174,22616Australia1,207,42817Netherlands372,53918Czech Republic42,75319Hungary33,21920Sweden281,62221Austria156,32222Switzerland399,36423Hong Kong299,72024Denmark151,42625Singapore402,92226Norway154,218

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There is curretly 1,484,232,448 iphone in the world.

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Q: How many iphone users worldwide?
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Buy The New iPhone 4S By Selling An obsolete iPhone?

Apple Computer iPhone users are dedicated smartphone users. Many fans keep their older versions after the purchase of the latest version. These users sometimes even specialize the uses of their smartphones. E.G. one iPhone for work and another for personal business. There is nothing wrong with this practice. It is the users who buy the latest iPhone then place the earlier versions in the back of a desk drawer or filing cabinet that lose money on these phones. Smartphones depreciate quickly just as computers do. People should check their iPhone inventory with every upgrade and sell unused ones.