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There are (in total) 8 structural isomers of C5H11Br, from the 3 different 'pentanyl' hydrocarbon (-C5H11) isomers (n-pentane, iso-pentane and neo-pentane):

  • 3x in n-pentane: 1-, or 2-, or 3-Bromo-pentane
  • 4x in isopentane: 1-, or 2-, or 3-, or 4-Bromo-Methyl-butane
  • 1x in neopentane: 1-Bromo-diMethyl-propane
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How many isomers with molecular formula C3H5Cl3 exist?

Five isomers CCl3-CH2-CH3 CCl2-CHCl-CH3 CCl2-CH2-CH2Cl CH2Cl-CCl2-CH3 CH2Cl-CHCl-CH2Cl

How can glucose fructose and galactose can be different molecules even though they all have the same molecular formula?

they are called isomers (same formula different chemical structures) they exist seperately as C6H12O6

What is the difference between optical and structural isomers?

Structural isomers have the same molecular formula but different connectivity. Optical isomers have the same molecular formula but rotate plane polarized light. Optical isomers occur when chiral centers exist in a molecule giving rise to enantiomers. Enantiomers are molecules with non-superimposable mirror images. One enantiomer will rotate plane polarized light in the clockwise direction and the other will rotate it in the counterclockwise direction.

How can two compounds make from the same element be different?

Isomers are compounds that exist in different molecular arrangements of atoms of the same elements and having identical atomic weights. Although isomers of a compound contain the same atoms in their molecules, the atoms are arranged in a different molecular structure and the isomers may differ in their physical, chemical, and biological properties.

What is the molecular formula of fiber food?

Fiber food is not a compound and a chemical formula doesn't exist.

How many isomers exists for c5h9br?

9 isomers exist for C5H9Br

What is the molecular formula ofLi20?

Lithium oxide does not exist as molecules, as it is an ionic compound.

What is an nonsubstituted alkane that can exist as one of only two isomers?

Butune is a nonsubstituted alkane that can exist as one of only two isomers.

How many structural isomers exist with C3H5Cl3?

With the help of "Chemspider" I identified six isomers.

What is the molecular formula of ethonoic acid?

I believe you are asking about the formula for ethanoic acid rather than ethonoic acid, which doesn't exist. Ethanoic acid is the proper, systematic (IUPAC) name for acetic acid. The molecular formula is: HOOC-CH2CH3.

Is MgCI2 a ionic or molecular compound?

MgCI2 does not exist. The formula is MgCl2 with a lowercase L. This compound is ionic.

Is the number of atoms in a molecular formula always greater than a empirical?

No. A molecular formula can be the same as the empirical formula, such as CH4 (methane), because the two component atoms exist in a ratio that cannot be mathematically further broken down - one carbon to four hydrogens. In this case the molecular formula (the actual number of atoms per molecule), and the empirical formula (the simplest ratio of those numbers) is identical. On the other hand, ethane, C2H6 - two carbons to 6 hydrogens - has a molecular formula of C2H6 and a empirical formula of CH3, the ratio of 2 to 6 reduced to its simplest whole number form. Sooooooooooo, the molecular formula will always be equal to or greater than the empirical formula, and the empirical formula will always be equal to or less than the molecular formula. In other words (as if that wasn't enough), the molecular formula will never be less than the empirical formula and the empirical formula will never be greater than the molecular formula, but THE TWO CAN BE EQUAL. Whew!!! Ray

What is the formula for a molecule of Cl?

Cl2 is a diatomic gaseous elementthe molecular formula for the molecule Cl is ClOne Cl means it is one atom and that means it is NOT a molecule,so it has no 'molecular formula' at all.Molecules exist of at least TWO atoms, bound to each other

Why oxygen nitrogen exist in molecular state?

All gases exist in molecular form except noble gases.

What is the molecular formula for sulfur?

Sulfur has many allotropes; for details and a list see the link below.Rhombic and Monoclinic sulfur exist as S8 units.

What is the molecular formula for heptachlorine hexoxide?

heptachlorine means 7 chlorineshexoxide means 6 oxygens Heptachlorine hexoxide would be Cl7O6

What is the universal molecular structure of Jesus?

the universal molecular structure does not exist and jesus is actually the kool aid guy

What is the chemical name of mgc2o4?

MgC2O4 is most probably named 'magnesium oxalate', though isomers might exist.

Which compounds have constitutional isomers?

Just about any compound with more than 3 atoms can exist as a different constitutional isomer.

What is the molecular weight mass for KO?

The compound KO doesn't exist.

What is the molecular form Na Cl2?

NaCl2 doesn't exist now.

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