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The Kaga , Akagi , Hiryu and the Soryu .

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In the battle of midway the japanese lost four of their-?

The Japanese lost 4 of their aircraft carriers.

In the Battle of Midway the Japanese lost four of their?

Fleet Aircraft Carriers. (Fleet Carriers are a navy's largest carrier).

What effected the Japanese after the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese lost four of their most important aircraft carriers and this defeat changed the momentum to the Allies favor.

Was the Japanese successful in catching the US fleet by surprise during the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese Lost 4 aircraft carriers, along with their pilots at the Battle of Midway. The USA lost one aircraft carrier. Midway is considered the beginning of the end of the war for Japan and the start of their road to defeat.

How manyJapanese aircraft carriers were sunk at the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese lost all four aircraft carriers of their Strike Force at Midway..Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, and Hiryu. They were four of the six carriers which had participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Japanese losses during the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese lost all four of their carriers, and a battleship. Carriers:Hiryu, Soryu, Akagi, Kaga. Battleship: Mikuma

What is a description of the Battle of Midway?

Midway was a battle between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.It resulted in a devastating defeat for the Japanese as they lost 4 aircraft carriers in this one battle. These carriers were the Akagi,Hiryu,Kaga,and Soryu. Although there remained much bloody fighting in the Pacific after this battle the Japanese Navy never fully recovered from this loss.

In what ways were the American victory at midway and the Japanese triumph at pearl harbor alike?

The results were devastatig. By the end of the Battle of Midway, the Japanese had lost four aircraft carriers, a cruiser, and 250 planes.

What was considered to be the turning point in the war in pacific?

The Battle of Midway, where Japan lost four aircraft carriers.

What battle in World War 2 stopped Japanese expansion?

The naval battle in the Coral Sea (May, 1942) stopped Japan from invading New Guinea. Although both the Japanese and US fleets lost carriers in the battle, the damage to other carriers meant they were out of action for the Battle of Midway a month later (the most costly defeat of the war for the Japanese, who lost 4 carriers).

How did us stop Japanese offensive and later defeat the nation at the end of World War 2 in 1945?

During the Battle of Midway. the Japanese had 4 carriers that they used to attack islands in the pacific. when they attacked Midway, the US carriers were able to launch planes and sink their 4 carriers. because they had lost their carriers, the Japanese no longer had the ability to attack.

How many sank at the Battle of Midway?

The United States lost one aircraft carrier and one destroyer during the battle. The Japanese lost four aircraft carriers and one heavy cruiser.

How many Japanese ships were destroyed in the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese navy lost 4 aircraft carriers, the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu as well as a heavy cruiser, the Mikuma.

What was the Significance and outcome of the Battle of Midway?

The battle of midway ended with the sinking of four main Japanese aircraft carriers. The U.S. won the battle and lost only one carrier, the USS Yorktown. Hundreds of naval aviators on both sides were killed.

What were the key battles of the war in the pacific?

The key battles of WW2 in the Pacific included Battle of Midway in which the Japanese lost 4 of their 6 heavy carriers and a good chunk of their trained aircrews. Also the Battle of the Coral Sea in which the Japanese had damaged carriers that ultimately decided the war in the fact that only 4 of the carriers were available for the battle.

What are the losses at the battle of Midway?

there were 300 Americans lost and 2155 Japanese lost

Aircraft carriers lost during the Battle of Midway?

Four IJN and one USN.

Who won the battle of mid way?

The United States won the Battle of Midway when they decodes Japanese messages regarding the attack. The Japanese lost 4 carriers and the battle marked the turning point in the war. From that point on, the US went on the offensive.

The naval battle in the pacif where the strength of the Japanese navy was destroyed was the battle of?

Midway is where Japan lost their best and experienced airmen; the Philippine Sea in 1944 (two years later) is where Japan lost the rest of their carriers and airmen.

What 1942 naval engagement saw the sinking of four Japanese aircraft carriers?

In early June 1942 the battle at Midway marked a significant change in World War II in the Pacific. Just west of Midway, the US Navy attacked and sunk four Japanese aircraft carriers and lost one of their own.

How many American torpedo planes were launched from the hornet enterprise Yorktown in the Battle of Midway?

The three American carriers launched a total of 42 torpedo planes during the Battle of Midway..15 from Hornet, 14 from Enterprise, and 13 from Yorktown. Of the 42 which attacked the Japanese carriers, only 7 returned. Yorktown lost 10, Enterprise lost 10, and Hornet lost all 15.

Why was the Battle of Midway importaint to the outcome of World War 2?

The Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers and the pilots that were part of the crew. The USA lost one aircraft carrier. The USA could make up the lost carrier and crew. The Japanese could not.

How did the US victory at the Battle of Midway change the course of the war in the Pacific?

The Japanese were seeking to invade and occupy Midway to protect their homeland from an attack such as that of the Doolittle Raid of April 1942. Instead, in the Battle of Midway, the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers -- the Soryu, the Kaga, Akagi and Hiryu -- while sinking one US carrier, the Yorktown. With this battle the Japanese were so weakened that they spent the rest of the war on defense.

Japanese Navy was so badly defeated in this battle that it could no longer participate in what war?

Leyte Gulf Battle of Midway was the turning point and the Japanese lost 4 carriers, a cruiser and almost 250 aircraft. They no longer had mastery of the sea.

What events led to the Battle of Midway?

Following the inconclusive Battle of the Coral Sea (May, 1942) Japan realized that the US carriers (while outnumbered) represented a threat to their continued landing operations. They sought to engage the US carriers in a decisive battle and establish a forward position on Midway Island.Unfortunately, things went wrong. Of the three Japanese carriers that fought at Coral Sea, one was lost and the other two needed repairs. That left 4 carriers to attack Midway. Also, the US had broken the Japanese Naval Code and knew where the fleet was going to be. A combination of skillful planning and fortuitous occurrences led to the destruction of all four Japanese carriers, while the US lost only the Yorktown.