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The Joule is the unit of energy in the SI system. The basic definition is the energy used or work done in moving 1 meter against a force of 1 Newton.

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One newton is equal to how many joules?

Newtons are a unit of force (kg m / s2) Joules are a unit of energy (kg m2 / s2) They are incomparable.

What is one btu?

A btu is a unit of energy; it is about 1055 joules.

What is the rate at which energy is transformed from one form to another?

That is called "power". The SI unit of energy is the joule, the SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.That is called "power". The SI unit of energy is the joule, the SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.That is called "power". The SI unit of energy is the joule, the SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.That is called "power". The SI unit of energy is the joule, the SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.

What does kilojules mean?

A 'kilojoule' is one thousand joules. This is a unit of work energy.

What unit measures the amount of electrical energy?

The official unit to measure energy is joules, which is equal to watt-seconds. However, power companies charge you for electrical energy in kWh; one kilowatt-hour = 3.6 million joules.

How many joules in one liter of diesel?

About 40 mega Joules of energy.

How many joules in 1watt?

You can't directly convert one to the other. A joule is a unit of energy, and a watt is a unit of power. 1 watt = 1 joule per second.

What exactly is the definition of a british thermal unit?

A British thermal unit is a unit of energy that is equal to about 1055 joules. A British thermal unit is the amount of energy that is needed to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

How do you convert 9454400640000000000 Newtons to Joules?

Newtons are a measure of force, joules are a measure of energy. The two measure different characteristics and, according to the most basic rules of dimensional analyses, attempting to convert from one to the other is not valid.

How much energy joules in a peanut?

Yes, there are energy joules in a peanut. One peanut releases 1,880 physicist calories, or 1.88 food calories. Energy is measured in joules. One food calorie equals 4,200 joules. So one peanut has just under 8,000 joules of energy.

How many joules of energy are produced when one one thousandth kg of mass is changed into energy?

E=mc2E = kgE-3 x 9E16 = 9E13 Joules.

What is the equation of converting horsepower to joule?

Horsepower is a unit of power, but joules is a unit of energy. To convert horsepower to joules, you need an additional time parameter. One horsepower is about 745.7 watts. So a horsepower-hour is 745.7 watt-hours. One watt-hour is 3600 joules. A horsepower-hour is then 745.7 times 3600 = 2684520 joules.

What is 63360000 joules to watts?

'Joule' is a unit of energy, whereas 'watt' is a unit of power, which means the rate of using energy. The two units measure different quantities, and neither one can be converted into the other one.

What measures the kinetic energy?

Joules are the SI unit for energy. One Joule is equal to one kilogram meters squared per seconds squared (kgm2/s2).

How many joules in one kilowatt?

watts are power, joules are energy; they don't convert. However assuming you meant kilowatt hour, which is energy, 3.6 megajoules.

Is kWh a unit of power or a unit of work energy power or more than one of these?

kWh = the abbreviation for "kilowatt-hour". It's a unit of energy, equal to 3.6 million joules (3.6 million newton-meters).

How many joules are there in one newton?

A Joule is a unit of work and a newton is a unit of force. Work is a force thru a distance. One joule is the work done, or energy expended, by a force of one newton moving one meter along the direction of the force.

How many joules are used to produce light in a 100 watt light bulb?

Joule is the unit of energy. Watt is the unit of power. One Joule provides one Watt for one second. A 100 Watt lamp uses 100 Joules per second.AnswerPower is the rate of doing work. Work is measured in joules, so power is measured in joules per second. However, in SI, a joule per second is given a special name: the watt. So a 100-W lamp consumes 100 J of energy per second.

What is the power out put of one million joules?

A joule is a unit of energy, not a unit of power. A watt is the same as a joule per second, so depending on how long it takes to output a million joules, the power can be very high, or very low.

What is SI and commercial unit of energy?

The SI unit of energy is Joules The commercial unit of energy is KiloWaltHour(KWh) The relationship between SI unit and commercial unit is: 1 KWh=3.6*106J (or 3600000 J) One KiloWaltHour is: 1kWh = 1kW * 1h And the definition for kWh is: 1kWh is the electric energy consumed by an appliance of power 1 whenit is used for one hour

How many joules can one get out of a typical AA battery?

You get actually energy (Watts) out of a battery, not calories (which is food energy).

How many joules in a mega joule?

In science a joule measures the amount of energy in something. 1,000,000 joules are equal to one mega joule.

1 mole is how many joules?

The mole is a unit of quantity of matter, whereas the Joule is a unit of energy. The relation depends on the substance, and what you wish to do with it. If you had a single mole of one substance and a mole of another and they were stoichiometrically combined, then the energy from the reaction could be calculated, and that could be expressed in Joules. On the other hand, you could also use the equation E=mc2 to derive the annihilation energy of one mole of a given substance. It can be stated, therefore, that there is no trivial conversion.

How do you calculate energy in kilojoules?

REMEMBER that energy is neither created or destroyed but changed from one form to another. Kinetic energy (known as the energy during a motion) is the result of potential energy (stored energy by different means, by mechanical means or due to gravity). Joules is the unit of measuring the packet of energy, and kilojoules is just a bigger unit. 100J is 0.1kJ. Some Expressions to measure energy. Ek = 1/2mv2 EP = mgh unit is joules for both, k= kinetic, p= potential

How many joules equals one horsepower?

OK these are known1 HorsePower= 746 Watt1 Watt= 3.413 BTUby multiplying how many watts in an HP (746) by how many BTUs in a watt (3.413)we know 1 HP=2546 BTUthere are 1055 Joules in 1BTUso multiply how many joules per 1 BTU (1055) by how many BTU in 1 HP (2546)and you get2,686,133.4 Joules per 1HPAnswerYou are comparing apples with oranges. A horsepower is the Imperial unit of measurement for power, whereas the joule is the SI unit of energy. Power and energy are two different quantities, so you cannot convert one to the other. Further to the original answer, there are no 'BTUs in a watt' because, again, a BTU is used to measure energy, whereas the watt is used to measure power.So the simple answer is you cannot convert joules to horsepower.