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How many keys does the bassoon have?

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The bassoon has the most keys out of any instrument. It has 9 keys for the left thumb alone, 4 for the right thumb, 4 keys and 2 holes for the left hand and 6 keys and 2 holes for the right hand. This makes a total of 23 keys and 4 holes.

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How many keys does a modern bassoon have?

The bassoon has the most keys out of any instrument. It has 9 keys for the left thumb alone, 4 for the right thumb, 4 keys and 2 holes for the left hand and 6 keys and 2 holes for the right hand. This makes a total of 23 keys and 4 holes.

How many valves does a bassoon have?

Bassoons don't use valves, they use finger holes, regular keys, and whisper keys.

How was the bassoon invented how and when the bassoon invented what was the bassoon made of?

The bassoon is made out of wood or plastic. They evelved from the Dulcian the had like 4 keys most of the note changes were in embassure. the bassoon came to be around the 1600's-1700's

Is a bassoon an aerophone?

Yes, according to the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system, a bassoon is classified as a double-reeded aerophone with keys.

How does a bassoon work?

A Bassoon is a long instrument that is played with a double wooden reed connected to a bocal that attaches into the instrument. The instrument itself contains of 4 different parts. The Bassoon has keys as well as holes to cover. The left thumb itself can cover around 5-7 keys. The right thumb can cover around 4 keys.

How many wood wind instruments are there?

The five base instruments are the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone, with a variety of sizes and keys for each type.

How many octaves on a basson?

A bassoon can do approximately 4 octaves, but can do an even higher C if the reed is taken of a bit and only two particular keys are pressed.

How much has the bassoon changed over time?

The bassoon has changed many, many times before.

How does the bassoon makes you proud?

bassoon players are mossly famose because there are not many of them

How is the bassoon made?

Usually Maple wood is used, the bassoon makers usually carve out holes for the fingers and line them with metal or rubber, then they add lacquer and darken the wood. then they add the Key mechanisms and the keys themselves and string the tenons and you have a bassoon. most prominent tool is a mandrill...

How many buttons on a bassoon?

Student models generally have 8 keys on the top back and 2 in front, as well as 8 keys on the bottom half (4 front and 4 back). It depends on the model. A Pro Line model would have 9 keys on the top back. So depending still on which model you are looking at, it would have 18 or 19 keys.

What are all the parts fo the bassoon?

The bassoon is adouble reed instrument. The reed is attached to a bocal (or crook) which is slipped into the tenor (wing) joint. The body of the bassoon is wrapped around itself in the boot joint which holds the bass joint, the longest one. The bell joint is at the end of the instrument where the sound comes out. The bassoon has a total of 16 thumb keys, 12 for the left and 4 for the right.

Who plays a bassoon?

people who play the bassoon are people who play the bassoon, like me from bassoon bandit

What is bassoon instrument?

A bassoon is a woodwind instrument often played with an orchestra. Lots of people play it today and do musical exams. It's quite long and has lot's of keys. You blow into it with a reed. Long ago, it was called a Bass Oon!

How much is a bassoon usually with reeds?

well the bassoon has been played in many places so it is hard to answer the question

What musican play a double bassoon?

Typically the double bassoon (or contrabassoon) is given to the third or fourth chair bassoon, leaving the principal bassoon to play the 1st bassoon part and the 2nd chair bassoon to play the 2nd bassoon part. In some cases the double bassoon part is an auditioned spot, meaning that someone specifically auditioned for the double bassoon.

Are there more than one bassoon types?

Yes, a German bassoon and a french bassoon

What key does a bassoon play in?

A bassoon is an instrument in C. A summary table for many instruments can be found here:

About opera arias in which bassoon is used as obbligato instrument?

The website lists many arias with obbligato bassoon, published and unpublished.

What is a double-reed instrument that resembles an oboe?

Cor Anglais, Bassoon, Contra Bassoon, Bass Oboe and many more

How expensive is a bassoon?

It depends on the bassoon. If its a student bassoon, plastic, and used it'll be a lot cheaper then a wooden student bassoon. Most student bassoon ive seen are from around 6k to 13k. Professional bassoon can be a lot more expensive then that though....

How many feet of tubing does the bassoon have?

about eight or nine

Where was the bassoon invented?

The bassoon was invented in Germany.

What is the name of the bassoon?

pie from bassoon bandit

What is the timbre of the bassoon?

Not on a bassoon maybe a Tenon??