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How many kids can you have in sims bustin out?


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idk, but it only lets me have 4 people in the house.I hope this helped and if u could if u no this answer answer it plz.Can ur kids turn into a teen in the game the sims bustin out for the ps2, and if so how many days it take or how long does it take, thx. on the free play mode, u can have up to 7 people in ur house. so if u want lots of kids, i'd consider you have 1 adult sim, then get to know a different sim that lives in a different house and have kids that way(like i said if u want a lot of kids). ur welcome :) and can you answer this plz. how do you change stringbean and loop D loops style for roxanna hardplace on the urbs sims in the city? thx. oh and by the way I'm ben seymour1040.