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Q: How many kids did hernan Cortes have in total?
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How many kids does Hernan Cortes have?

Hernan Cortes has 2 children

How many children does Hernan Cortes have?

Hernan Cortes has 2 children

What did hernan Cortes explore?

gold and lots of it

What did Hernan Cortes face?

Hernan cortes faced many problems like the fact that didn’t have a lot of men

How many conquistadors were in Hernan Cortes's army?

A few

How many sponsors did Hernan Cortes have?

He had 6 sponsors.

How many people were in Hernan Cortes's crew?


How many Aztecs did the spanish Hernan Cortes kill?

A Lot

The Aztec rulers of Mexico fought against the forces of which Spain warrior?

They fought many battles but were finally defeated by Cortez and the conquistadors in 1521

How many horses did hernan Cortes included in the army?

20 horses

When explorer hernan Cortes arrived many Aztec thought?

mexicowas a colony of

When explorer Hernan Cortes arrived many Aztec thought he was?

They thought he was a god.