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Q: How many kids die from child abuse?
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How many kids get killed by child abuse?

four children die everyday due to child abuse or neglect.

How many kids died from child abuse?

Many children die from child abuse mentally and physically. They die from physical abuse because most likely the abuser is an adult. If an adult its a child it could kill them. They suffer from mental abuse because they do not know what to think. All they know is that someone four times their age is hitting them as hard as they can.

How many children in the world suffer from child abuse every day?

about 4 children die every day due to child abuse or neglect

How many children get abused everyday in the world?

A lot about 4 children die everyday because of child abuse. Child abuse is a terrible thing.

How many kids die from child labor every year?


How many children die each year because of child abuse in new zealand?


How many kids get physically abused each year?

4-5 kids die everyday from child abuse. OVER 30,000 A YEAR ARE ABUSED. ^ only the known cases. im guessing thousands and thousands of more that aren't reported.

How many kids die of child hunger each day?

I think it is about 80,000-100,000. Poor kids...

How many kids die from child labour every year?

23 thousand children die each year of child labor.

How many child soldiers in Africa die every year?

as many kids as your mum aborted

How many kids had die from child abuse?

It depends how abusive the person who is abusing the child is. That's why you can never trust online websites where you can have a nanny watch your kid because most nanny's abuse small children when watching them alone. Some people keep a video camera in their house so they can see if the nanny is not an abuser.

How many kids die from hunger?

every 7 seconds a child under the age of 5 die from hunger

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