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I would hasten to say that none of the children require you to have a daycare licence, but their parents would possibly like to see it hanging on your wall.

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Q: How many kids require you to have a daycare license in Iowa?
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How many kids can be in a home daycare without a license in Tx?

According to a daycare worker, you can have 5 children older than 2 in a daycare without a license. For babies, it's 3.

Do you need a daycare license to care for two kids in your home in Jerome Idaho?


Do you need a daycare license to care for five kids in your home in Texas?


How many kids can you care for in your home without a daycare license in Riley county ks?

Well I can take about 3 kids but to me it deponds on their age

how do I register a home daycare or find info about starting a home daycare.?

Under a certain number of kids in your home may just need a business license look into info at

What job might require you to wear a diaper?

A babysitter for young kids, running a daycare, or working at a diaper factory.

How many kids can you have for daycare without a license in MN?

of course just put flyers in there mailbox and if they call u go babysit!!

Do you need a daycare license in Texas to care for 3 kids in your home?

You can go to Texas Dept of Family and Protective Services to have all your questions answered.

How many children can you babysit without a license In South Carolina?

You can babysit 4 children without a daycare license. If you are going to do this as a business, then you need to get a license.

What age can a teen do daycare?

It depends on the daycare what the minimum age is. Some daycares hire teachers helpers at sixteen. Also, private daycare is up to the parents of the children placing their kids in daycare.

Is a Daycare License required to work at daycares in all states?

No it is not required for all states. In many states you can do day care in the home with no license long as the number of kids is minimal. In order to help regulate the service, you must have a license, otherwise look at this to get more of an understanding.

Where can you work at?

i love kids that,s i wents to work at a daycare