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I do! I do!

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Q: How many kids want a longer summer break?
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How many words can you make out of summer time?

summer break

Why doesn't Australia have a long summer break?

Australian schools do have along summer break. The summer break is a minimum of six weeks long and, in many private schools, up to eight weeks long.

How many months of information do kids lose over the summer?

Kids can lose an average of 2.6 months worth of knowledge over the summer.

How many kids break their arm each year?

five million kids

After summer break when does school start?

Depending on what state, region, or school district you live in will determine when school will start after summer break. In some cities, many school districts do not have a summer break and are open year round. For the schools who do recognize the 2 to 3 month summer break, most of them begin in late August or the first of September.

Do they use break away tables?

Yes, many couples on an holiday in the summer usually use the break away tables.

How many break's are in a basketball game?

4 quaters 1 break between each quaters, then longer break at half time

How many Weeks Of summer break Are There?

it depends what school you are in, could be 6 to 10 weeks

Where to get ideas for summer activities for kids?

One can get ideas for summer activities for kids from sites like growing peace, out door activities and many more. One will easily find outdoor activities on these known sites.

How many kids does john terry have?

He has 2, that are twins: summer and georgie and there about 3 years oldish

How many days do kids in Mexico go to school?

From mid-August to mid-July of the next year (i.e. summer break is about 4 weeks-long).

Are there many kids' summer bootcamp available?

Boot camps for children are gaining in popularity due to them instilling respect and discipline in children. There are many summer boot camps available for children.