How many kilograms are in two liters?

Kilograms in Two Liters

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  • This is a trick question. The kilogram is a unit of mass or weight, while the liter is a unit of liquid volume. In Canada we've used the Metric System since 1977. To compare your question to one using units in the the Imperial System, it would be like asking: How many pounds are there in a gallon? See how inane that is? The answer depends on what substance you are measuring. If it is water, the answer is about two kilograms. If it's two liters of molten lead, well, that weighs far more. (Read the related FAQ question on the right.)
  • Actually if density= mass divided by volume, then mass= density times volume!!
  • No conversion. You can't convert them. Kilograms are a unit of mass or weight. Liters are a measure of volume, normally associated with liquids.
  • Scroll down to related links and look at "Explanation of Litre - Wikipedia".

A correction to this answer. The kilogram is the SI unit for MASS, not weight. Weight is measured in newtons.