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Your question does not make sense. That is like saying, how many miles are equal to five miles? Well obviously, the answer is five miles...

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Q: How many kilometers and meters are equal to three kilometers and nine meters?
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How many meters does it equal to three kilometers?

1 kilometer = 1,000 meters 3 kilometers = 3,000 meters

423000 kilometers equal how many meters?

423,000 kilometers is equal to 423,000,000 meters

49 kilometers meters equal how many meters?

49 kilometers = 49,000 meters

Five meters equal how many kilometers?

5 meters = 0.005 kilometers

How many meters does 1.5 kilometers equal?

1.5 kilometers = 1,500 meters

How many meters does 145000 kilometers equal?

145,000 kilometers = 145,000,000 meters

How many meters is equal to 580 kilometers?

580 kilometers = 580,000 meters

Two kilometers are equal to how many meters?

2 kilometers = 2,000 meters

SeVen meters is equal to how many kilometers?

7 meters = 0.007 kilometers

24 kilometers is equal to how many meters?

24 kilometers = 24,000 meters

182 kilometers equal how many meters?

182 kilometers = 182,000 meters

How many meters equal 190 kilometers?

190 kilometers = 190,000 meters