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What does aitutaki mean?

Aitutaki is actually an island. It is one of the many Cook Islands, which are located north of Rarotonga. Aitutaki was previously known as Ararau.

What is the area of Auckland Island?

The area of Auckland Island is 510 square kilometers.

What is the area of Auckland City?

The area of Auckland City is 637 square kilometers.

Where are the Aitutaki hotels located?

The Aitutaki Lgoon Resort and Spa Hotel is located on the island of Aitutaki, in the South Pacific Islands. It is part of the Cook Islands, not too far from the isle of Tahiti.

How many air miles from LA to Auckland NZ?

About 7631 air miles (12,281 kilometers) from Louisiana(LA) to Auckland. However, if you mean Los Angeles by LA, then the distance would be 6551 air miles (10,478 kilometers).

What is the kilometer distance from Vancouver Canada to Auckland New Zealand?

The distance from Vancouver to Auckland is 11338.8 Kilometers.

How many miles from Auckland nz to dublin Ireland?

The air distance from Auckland, New Zealand, to Dublin, Ireland, is 11,291 miles. That equals 18,169 kilometers or 9,810 nautical miles.

How far is Auckland to Ireland?

About 11300 miles or 18200 kilometers

What is the nicest and beautiful island out of all the cook islands islands?

AITUTAKI, its the nicest island any one can go to.....AITUTAKI 4 LIFE.

What is the distance from Singapore to Auckland?

The total distance from Singapore to Auckland is 5,229 miles. This is equivalent to 8,415 kilometers or 4,544 nautical miles.

How far is london from auckland?

11,389 air miles (18,329 kilometers).

How many hours sydney to Auckland?

how many flight sydney to auckland

How many air miles is it from Auckland New Zealand to London England?

Air distance from Auckland, New Zealand, to London, England, totals 11,389 miles. That equals 18,327 kilometers or 9,896 nautical miles.

How many miles from Auckland New Zealand to Melbourne Australia?

Auckland, NZ 174.7667-36.8667 Melbourne, AS 144.9667-37.8167 Miles: 1630.19 Kilometers: 2623.47 Bearing: SWChristchurch is in New Zealand, not Australia

How many air miles is it from Washington DC to Auckland New Zealand?

Air distance from Washington DC to Auckland, New Zealand, total 8,620 miles. That equals 13,872 kilometers or 7,490 nautical miles.

How many air miles is it from Dallas Texas to Auckland?

There are 8,734 miles (or about 14,055 kilometers) between Dallas, TX and Canberra, Australia.

How many kilometers does it take from Auckland to Waihi?

140 kilometres taking this route:Take SH-1 HAMILTON, from Auckland, to SH-2 towards TAURANGA off EXIT 477.Take SH-2 to WAIHI.

Where is Aitutaki?

It is an island in the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in Auckland?

there are 29 Mcdonalds are in Auckland

How far from the University of Arkansas is the University of Auckland?

The air distance from University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand, is about 7,691 miles. That equals 12,377 kilometers or 6,683 nautical miles.

How many dormant volcanoes are in Auckland?

There are 49 volcanoes in Auckland and 48 active ones but I don't know how many dormant volcanoes there are in Auckland.

How many air miles between Auckland new zealand and salt lake city?

The air distance from Auckland, New Zealand, to Salt Lake City, Utah, is 7,077 miles. That equals 11,389 kilometers or 6,150 nautical miles.

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