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How many kilometers is it to the Dominican Republic from London?


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How many kilometers is it to the Dominican Republic from London?" My best guess is 4800 kilometers equaling roughly 3100 miles. Best wishes & Fly safe!


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The Dominican Republic is divided into thirty-one provinces. The Dominican Republic is not divided into states.

Dominican Republic - 48,442 km2

There are over 100 beaches in the Dominican Republic

The air distance from Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is 1,598 miles. That equals 2,572 kilometers or 1,389 nautical miles.

the Dominican Republic is 18,000 sq. miles

There are currently 31 McDonald's locations in the Dominican Republic.

Only one. The Dominican Republic is its own country.

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The total population of the Dominican Republic in theCaribbean is approximately10,056,181.

The dominican republic has been having a problem with electricity for many many years, and it still does.

There are 927 air miles between Florida and the Dominican Republic.

How many flight hours from Kansas city mo to Dominican republic

There are six- midnight in Manchester, England is 6pm in the Dominican Republic.

The air distance from Boston, Massachusetts, to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is 1,648 miles. That equals 2,651 kilometers or 1,432 nautical miles.

It doesn't its a country. The Dominican Republic is a country composed for one state, better known as EL ESTADO DOMINICANO (THE DOMINICAN STATE)

Around 8,000 people were injured in the 1930 Dominican Republic Hurricane.

From Managua, Nicaragua to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic there are 1,272 miles or 2,048 km.

Yes, many of the Dominican citizens have dual citizenship.

The Dominican Republic does not have any big dangerous animals. However, there are small poisonous creatures such as scorpions and spiders. The Dominican also has very many farm related animals such as cows, goats, chickens and horses. Dominican Republic also has several birds! Hoped I helped!

5 dollars are equals to 200 dominican pesos.

Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering and settling the Dominican Republic. However, the Taino people had been on the island for many years before he arrived.

They border, and are on the same island!

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