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Tens of thousands.

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Q: How many kind of drugs is there?
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What kind of drugs britney spears take?

Marijuana and Cocaine. Mind you that those are the drugs she has been caught doing. The actual answer to you question may contain many more drugs.

What drugs are called street drugs?

Kind of self explanatory. Drugs that are sold on the street are street drugs.

What is the penalty caught with drugs?

It depends how many drugs you are dealing with, what kind of drugs they are, whether their illegal and who you are selling them to but most of the time i think it's jail for at least 5 years ... i think anyway!

What happens to your brain when you take drugs?

Depends what kind of drugs.

What kind of drugs re there?

There are thousands of various kinds of drugs.

What kind of drugs are used in sports?

The kind of drugs that are used in sports, are amphetamine, Andros,Darbepoetin, DHEA, Diuretics.

Animal calf with pneumonia what what kind of med. to give it?

This is a question for a veterinarian. There are many drugs available.

What kind of drugs has Samuel L. Jackson used drugs?


What kind of drugs are Methamphetamines and amphetamine?

Amphetamines and methamphetamines are stimulant drugs

Will alcohol counter act drugs?

Depends on the kind of drug. It will lessen the effectiveness of many drugs by causing them to move through the body more rapidly. If you mean drugs of abuse, the answer is an emphatic "No!" If anything, it will make the effects worse.

Do you suffer from any kind of addiction?

Many people suffer from some kind of addiction. An addiction can be many things, it does not have to be something such as alcohol or drugs. Some people are addicted to things such as gambling.

Does rey mysterio take any kind of drugs?


What kind of drugs should you do?

Only try drugs that grow in the ground, simple as that

What kind of drugs can destroy bacteria?

Drugs such penicillin, generically known as as "antibiotics".

What kind of drugs make your pupils constrict?

opiates, such as Heroin and drugs alike

Did Michael Jordan do any kind of drugs?

Micheal Jordan did not do any type of drugs.

What kind of drugs can kill bacteria?

The types of drugs that can kill bacteria are called 'antibiotics'.

Can takng drugs make you losee weight?

Yes i can it all depends on what kind of drugs you do

What kind of drugs is alcohol?


What kind of drugs is there?

Tobacco smoking

Does Mucinex DM have sulfa drugs of any kind in it?


Can you sing a song from memory while high on drugs?

Depends on what drugs, but on many you should. In fact, on some drugs you can probably even sing songs you would never think you could remember. Still, depends on the kind of drug, the dose and your brain.

How many times do you have to take drugs to die?

It depends what kind of drug u take if it is not a hard drug u wont

Can taking recreational drugs make you tired?

Depending on what kind of drugs you're taking- the majority of recreational drugs have a side effect of drowsiness.

Does skip smoke drugs?

Every kind.