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How many leaving cert points do you need for child psychology?


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There is no straight forward child psychology course, You must do a degree(3years) in psychology (between about 490 and 540 points depending on the college), then you must do between 1 to 2 years of experience in a practice or organisation, From there you apply to do clinical psychology(around 50 places in Ireland every year minimum of II1 DEGREE), this is 3 years. THEN you can go into child psychology which is even further study, research etc. in other words it is a very long path and there are very few places. Also even though there is a high demand for child psychologists in Ireland the government are not providing funding (you would probably have to go abroad for a job ATM). In other words unless you REALLY want it and work hard, its not a straight forward degree and extremely difficult.(trust me i know).