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How many legs do butterflies have?


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Like all insects, butterflies have six legs.
Six (6) is the number of legs that a butterfly (Lepidoptera order) has - or 3 pairs.

Specifically, butterflies belong to the insect class. One of the basic insect characteristics is the possession of six legs, which are attached to the thorax of the insect.

The two "legs" around the head are actually antennae.
Butterflies have 6 legs (3 pairs).
6 legs or 3 pairs


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butterflies are insects therefor they have 6 legs

Butterflies are insects. They all have six legs.

All adult butterflies have legs (specifically 6 legs, like all insects).

I have no idea how many legs a buttfly has. Butterflies have six legs.

6 legs As both butterflies and moths are classed as insects, they have six legs or three pairs of legs. Butterflies, like most other insects, have three pairs of legs. i had to looks this up for class lol

Six... All butterflies have six legs and feet:)

A butterfly only has 4 legs. Even though it is an insect, it does not have 6 legs.....it has 4.

6, all bugs have 6 legs except spiders who have 8.

No, they do not have jointed legs.

snakes. butterflies.

The caterpillars legs just disappears while they are in the cocoon turning to be a butterfly but they keep 2 or 4 legs when they are butterflies.

Yes, out of their legs.

6 legs because caterpiller is insect. Insect has 6 legs.Others are fake legs. It is called prolegs

No, butterflies are Insects. You can tell because arachnids have 8 legs and insects have 6 legs - so butterflies are insects.

Butterflies are insects. All insects have 6 legs (or 3 pairs of legs).

Yes, butterflies are invertebrates, have an exoskeleton and three pairs of joined legs.

Yes, butterflies are insects (three body sections and six legs)

Do butterflies have antennae?yes butterflies have antennae, they also taste with their legs.

They have six jointed legs and on their feet are hooks for holding on tight.

Monarch butterflies have six legs. Monarch caterpillars appear to have sixteen legs but the back five sets of legs are actually 'prolegs', not proper legs. The front three sets of legs are true jointed legs.

Butterflies don't have any tentacles. Butterflies have: six legs, three body parts, two compound eyes and two antennae.

Six (6) is the number of legs on a butterfly.Specifically, scientists consider butterflies insects. All insects have three pairs of two legs each, for a total of six. The frontal pair closest to the head may not always be visible on some butterflies.

yes, butterflies do pee.They pee threw there legs.yes, butterflies do pee.

No, butterflies do not have arms. They do have legs and toes which are known as tarsi and used to taste nectar.

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