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Without Spaces or punctiation - 30

Without Spaces - 31

With Space and no Punctuation - 37

With Space and no Punctuation if there is a space at the beginning - 38

With space and punctiation - 38

With Spaces and punctiation if there is a space at the beginning - 39

If you you mean the word letters then there is one.

If you mean literal tangible letters then there are none.

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How many letters are there in this sentence?


What is a Group of letters called?

A word. Many groups of letters is called a sentence(:

Make a sentence with these letters - ASVYKH?

No sentence can be made using those letters.

A sentence with the word cmpel?

I cannot make a sentence with the letters cmpel. This is not a word this is letters.

How to use how many in a sentence?

How many questions are posted on this website? How many have been answered? How many letters are in the alphabet? 26 is how many letters are in the alphabet. 10 is how many years old I am ( not really ).

A sentence with first 25 letters of the alphabet but with no repetetion?

There is no such sentence.

What is a phrase or sentence called that uses all the letters of the alphabet?

the sentence which contains all the letters in the alphabet is called "pangram"..

What sentence contains all the letters of the alphabet only once?

There is none. You can make a sentence using all the letters, but some of them have to be duplicated.

How do you use distribute in a sentence?

Sentence: I want to distribute these letters evenly.

How many letters are in a sentence?

The number of letters in words varies. There is no specific number of letters or of words in a sentence. In poetry, the shortest expression is "O !" An utterance can be as short as "Hi." Two or three letter words make up simple sentences in everyday speech. More complex sentences need more words, and hence, will have more letters in them.

How would you re-arrange these letters EUENYMORIA to form a romantic sentence?

The letters EUENYMORIA unscrambled gives you the romantic sentence: You are mine.

What is a word that defines a sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet?

A sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet is known as a 'pangram'.

Make a sentence with a to z words?

a to z this letters form a one sentence

Unscramble the letters to make a sentence from Argentina?

One sentence is "A gent, I ran."

What are some rules about using capital letters in a sentence?

When you using capital letters you have to be very careful. Always use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and with proper nouns (names, places, etc.)

The repetition of Letters in a sentence is called?


What do you call a sentence that has no letters or words?


What sentence can these letters make ocerpaeltlxwwe?


What is the noun of the sentence Her company Better-Letters Inc developed your interesting letterheads?

The nouns in the sentence are:companyBetter-Letters Inc.letterheads

What is correct grammar for the following sentence I enclose letters for you and Nadine or Nadine and you?

I enclosed letters for Nadine and you.

Unscramble these letters to make a sentence wiaesshorphtwa?


Sentence containing all letters of the alphabet?


What are the first three letters of this sentence?

'w', 'h' and 'a'.

How do you use the word eyepiece in a sentence?

using letters

What does typing in all capital letters mean?

all letters will be big, same as first letter of sentence

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