How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon black?

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According to my sources level 100
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How many steps does it take to level up daycare Pokemon?

(NOTE: To get in the Desert you need Go-Goggles, so the sand doesn't bother your eyes.). You need an Acro Bike from Mauville City in order for this to work. Those are GREAT answers, but, if you're using Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire, I suggest you put your desired Pokemon in the Daycare Center, an ( Full Answer )

How do you level up Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

The better answer is...!!! well first you put 2 Pokemon u want to raise in daycare center, then go to one of the slopes that u can only go up with the mach bike, then use the ACRO bike to keep going up them, everytime u go up u get 1exp for your Pokemon in the daycare..soo put the gameboy on the cha ( Full Answer )

Is their a quick way to get Pokemon to go up levels faster on Pokemon pearl?

action replay quick level code and you can leave it in the day care but beware it learns all the moves it learns as it levels up so get your Pokemon uo to about lvl 50 then put it in the day care+add a year onto your calendar and the Pokemon in the daycare will be lvl 100 hope this works!

How do you level up Pokemon quick?

There are a few things you can do in Pokemon games to level up your Pokemon quickly. Here are some ways: 1) You can go into the wild grass and waste your day away battling wild Pokemon 2) You can obtain the Vs. Seeker (I don't think you can get the Vs. Seeker in HG and SS) 3) You can find a r ( Full Answer )

How do you level up my Pokemon on chaos black?

to level up your Pokemon walk through grass. eventually you will get attacked. fight and win. you will get exp. when a Pokemon gets enough exp, it will level up. for more info, press L or R on your DS/ game boy.

Easy level up Pokemon?

go fight the elite four and beat them over and over and you will reach a 100 soon i did this myself and it worked ======== Trade them to another Gameboy/ds you get one and a half time the xp then trade them back, notice Gameboy shows you how long ago i did it ;)

How to level up Pokemon fast?

Battle alot. Use Exp share to level up lower level Pokemon. Or use a rare candy to instantly raise a Pokemon's level by one.

How can you level up Pokemon quick?

If your training a Pokemon that was traded to you it will receive boosted exp points also if a Pokemon holds a lucky egg it will receive more exp points.

How do you level up Pokemon in platinum?

battle other pokemons! and also you can leave your Pokemon in the pokeday-care and for every step you take you give your Pokemon 1 exp. point. :) hope i helped:P

Can berries level up Pokemon?

No they cant you have to level them up by exp. points, stones,special places or by trading them

How do get your Pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon black?

there is one good way i know that is easy and u don't have to do anything. step 1) put the Pokemon that u want to level up in the daycare. step 2) go to nimbasa city and go to the battle subway. step 3)press up against the wall and take 2 steps away from it. step 4) get a rubber band or a we ( Full Answer )

How do you level up quickly in Pokemon black?

the ways i now are either when you see a bit of grass shaking there will be a pokemon if you battle it and win you will get a quite a lot of xp, you can also use rare candies and my last suggtion is the day care just offf stration city hope this helped :)

How do you level up your pokemon really fast in pokemon black?

Well, one way is fighting audinos. They give a lot of exp. (Depends on your level) Audinos will appear in moving grass. To get moving grass, you usually just stand outside a patch of grass and run back and forth until you see some.

How do you level up fast in pokemon black?

the easiest way (without hacking rare candies) is to beat wild pokemon, specifically audino because they give out more exp. points than regular pokemon. just run back and forth near some grass with high level pokemon and once you encounter a shaking patch of grass, it will most likely be an audino.

Where are the highest level Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

There prob at north of White forest/ Black city ( depends what game you have) or at Giant Chasm. they have i think 59-67s and if you need training, just train on Cynthia, Morimoto, Nimbasa stadiums, or elite four. ( all are daily and has 60-68 in Nimbasa, and 75-77s on Cynthia and Morimoto).

What is the best way to level up Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Training, duh. but if you want to make training easier use the lucky egg the professor gives you. also so far im in opelucid city and ive found about 3 or 4 various rare candys placed around the region

How do you level up a Pokemon with love?

Use items on it and give it items to hold, never put it in the PC and always have it in your party, never let it faint (if you can help it), and win a lot. Also go walking around with them, it's sort of like egg hatching in a way. Good luck.

How do you level up your pokemon cards? dont "evolve" a poke'mon in the card game....that's just really must get another card and place it on top of the other card and yell and scream on the top of your lungs until you can't breathe.

What is the highest level Pokemon can be on Pokemon black?

It's still lvl. 100 for a vanilla game. Obviously, this can be raised with crap like GameSharks (which is my personal favourite), Action Replays (they're a pain in the arse), GameGenies (which is supported by most PC emulators), CodeBreakers (which are only made for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Ni ( Full Answer )

Can PKRS level your Pokemon up?

im pretty sure the pkrs has the effect of a macho brace in the fact that it raises stats higher than normal while lvling your pokemon. so the answer would be no, the pkrs dosent lvl your pokemon alone, you have to train them.

How do you level up fast on Pokemon Black and White?

well it all depends on what level they are, look for shaky bushes and when you defeat the pokemon, audino, in it you get a good amount of exp and every day go to opilucid city and go top the triple battle house -> only in white version Rotation house (same place) -> black only

What level is victiny in Pokemon black?

That depends. If you intend to catch it using the liberty pass it will be level 15. If you are receiving it through the Wi-Fi event that is currently in progress, it is level 50.

How do you level up at Pokemon black?

By battling other pokemon, use rare candy, or by putting the in the day care for a while.(note: if you leave a pokemon in the daycare for a while they may forget some moves you taught them)

What is freindship level in Pokemon Black?

Friendship level is how much your pokemon likes you for example you can make your pokemon happier byyy Making it in the first slot Walking around alot when it is in front slot not making it faint (most of the time) Giving it soothbell (think thats the name) pokemon that evolve from friendship is ( Full Answer )