How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon diamond?

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without hacking, 100 with hacking, 999 and then reset to 0 and no more exp gain.
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Where do you get level 100 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get it, unless you train a Pokemon to level 100. The highest level wild Pokemon is arceus which is lv80, and you need an event for that, but without and event you can only get an lv47 Dalgia/Palkia for the highest level wild Pokemon.

Can you get a level 200 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Without using cheats, it is impossible to get a level 200 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond. However, if you use an action replay, which is a cheating device that alters the games state of play, you can alter the game and make it show a level 200 pokemon. However, cheating has dire consequences in some cas ( Full Answer )

What level is Dialga at in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga is fought at level 47 in Pokemon Diamond version, so be prepared with Pokemon able to damage him and put him to sleep/paralyze him and plenty of super/hyper/max potions. You can find him at the top of the Spear Pillar.

How do you let your Pokemon level up faster in Pokemon diamond?

send your Pokemon to a Pokemon daycare and go to the bike trail then ride until you hit a wall and tape down the forward button each step = 1 exp point so if you go to school or run some errands you should have strong Pokemon in no time. Or You could put them in the daycare at solaceon and get ( Full Answer )

How do you level Pokemon up easily on Pokemon Diamond?

Rare Candy. But Rare Candies are for weak trainers. Put in the time and effort and raise your Pokemon correctly. Pokemon raised on rare Candies are always weaker, slower and less able to defend themselves than those that have been carefully nurtured and raised by a diligent trainer.

How do your Pokemon level up faster on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Pokemon level up in different speeds. The fastest Pokemon to got to level 100 will only need only 600,000 experience points such as Cranidos. The slowest will need 1,640,000 experience points such as Seviper. To make them level up faster, you can trade with another person and you'll get double of th ( Full Answer )

Where can I find level ups in Pokemon Diamond?

ok well there is no such thing as a "level up" in Pokemon. you can "level up" a Pokemon by battleing and winning, but you can't find a "level up". but there is a such thing as a rare candy. a rare candy levels up your Pokemon up by one, for example: If your Pokemon was level 63 and you used a rare ( Full Answer )

How to Level Pokemon up fast on diamond?

If you want to level up pokemons quick eat a rare candy and it will get you up a level. You can also leave 2 of your Pokemon at the day care in soleason town and go around some towns with your bicicle(or running if you don´t have it yet) but this depends on much levels your Pokemon has and for ea ( Full Answer )

Is there a quick way to level-up Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

To level up weak Pokemon, I suggest battling the elite four with the weak Pokemon in the front of your party. As soon as the battle starts, switch Pokemon. The weak Pokemon will gain experience as well. Or, you could use an Action Replay. Take your pick. ~Riamu589

How do you level up Pokemon diamond quickly?

you get a charizard, typhlosion, blaziken, infernape, or emboar that knows blast burn, fire blast, overheat, and any weak attack. make shere that it's at least level 70.then put an exp. share on the Pokemon you want too level up. Then go to the resort area and go to the grass. when you find ariados, ( Full Answer )

What level is heatran in Pokemon diamond?

Level 70.I recommend using ultra balls to catch heatran.If you want to catch giratina you have to use your master ball or dusk balls.

How do you level up your Pokemon fast in diamond?

If u don't have action replay, put lucky eggs (obtained from wild Chansey) on your Pokemon. If u do, this is a good code: 94000130 000002FF 62106FC0 00000000 B2106FC0 00000000 100458DC 0000FFFF D2000000 00000000 It gives u 65535 exp points for wild Pokemon and 98302 for trainers. But if u hold the ( Full Answer )

How do you level up a Pokemon quickly in diamond?

Put two Pokemon in the day care center and take as many steps as possible. the more steps you take the more experience points are given to the Pokemon It took me about 5 minutes to make a level 23 Pokemon to become level 25.

What is the quickest way to level up on Pokemon diamond?

the quickest way to lv. up your Pokemon is... first,get a rare candy (you only find them in poke balls around the game. or by an event if their is one) next,once you have one go to bag then press A on rare the candy. then, press A on the Pokemon you wont to lv. up. finally,POOF!!!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )

What is theQuickest Way to level up Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl?

You could either find a daycare for Pokemon or look around for rare candies (which may be hard to find). The only other way is to battle a lot of Pokemon, either wild Pokemon or other trainers. You can put your weakest Pokemon above all your other Pokemon and challenge a strong Pokemon with lots of ( Full Answer )

How do you level up Pokemon On Diamond?

Get exp points Edit:Go into grass and wait for a Pokemon to appear, Then once one does make it faint and you'll get EXP and you'll level up if you keep repeating this.

How do you level up a pokemons happieness level in Pokemon diamond?

To make a pokemon's happiness go up you have to care for it. For example: not letting it faint in battle, using items on it (potions, hp ups, pp ups, ect), and giving it poffins. There are also certain berries that say it will increase it's happiness or "friendship", but will ower it's base hp, pp, ( Full Answer )

How many Pokemon are there on Pokemon Diamond?

492 or 493 sorry i don't have my console with me but that's the closest but it is probably 492 and if you wanted to know you just have to capture 482 none includingthe event pokemonhoped it helped

How do you make Pokemon level up faster in diamond?

I have a few tricks. First, you could do it the old way. Find an area with Pokemon the same level as yours, then just train there. Or, you could find out the places with Pokemon that are weak against your type. For example, if you're training a grass type, go fish or surf and battle against wate ( Full Answer )

How can you get your Pokemon to level up fast in diamond?

the best way is get a action replay and use super exp gain you get 9999 points to about 24999 and grows alot of lvls fast even in the wild.. or get exp share and put on Pokemon you want to level andthen use your best Pokemon and fight trainers.

How do you level up Pokemon quick on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

all you need to do is get an action replay and find a rare candy. a rare candy will level up a Pokemon by 1 level. when you start the game with the action replay it will have a screen full of your items. when you find rare candy bring the number up to 99 and feed your Pokemon the rare candy.

How can you level up Pokemon fast in diamond?

Get the Exp. Share and give it to the Pokemon you want to level up. Be sure to put in your first slot. When you find a battle substitute your Pokemon right away for one that is really good. Then make your opponent faint. Your Pokemon should earn alot of Exp. points. It will then level up!

How do you level your pokemon up faster in diamond?

if you want to level up your pokemon faster. give the pokemon you want to level up an exp share but it at the bottom of your pokemon list and battle and beat the elite4 in succession over and over until it is at the level you want it to be.

How do you get a level 100 on Pokemon diamond?

well in one area when u r done the game in platinum you can catch lvl 99 magikarp. The area is the relax area or somdin, anyway yeah. But i dont know about diamond.

What is the super quick level up code for Pokemon diamond?

Train lazy Dude! Submitted By MeowMixTiger: Lol referring to the person above, you do not necessarily have to train. If you want a code for any legendary, shiny, or just plain Pokemon at whatever level you want, just email me at P.S. I can also choose what mo ( Full Answer )