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In India, there are 7,943 libraries. that is because there are many readers there.

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Where can you find essays on Festivals of India written in Kannada?

There are many essays on the Festivals of India written in Kannada language. They can be found in various museums and libraries in India.

How many libraries are in us?

How many libraries are in the us?

What has the author G L Trehan written?

G. L. Trehan has written: 'Administration and organisation of school libraries in India' -- subject(s): School libraries 'Modern public library movement and library legislation for Punjab' -- subject(s): Libraries, Library legislation 'Administration and organisation of college libraries in India' -- subject(s): Academic libraries, Administration

What has the author Minoti Munshi written?

Minoti Munshi has written: 'History of libraries in India' -- subject(s): Libraries, History

How many libraries are there in the US of America?

There are easily over 100,000 libraries, if you count all school and public libraries, (along with what many regard as "personal libraries". :)

How many libraries are there in the Philippines?

there are 745 libraries in the Philippines

How many libraries did the titanic?

Titanic had two libraries.

How can you use libraries in sentence?

There are many LIBRARIES in the country.

What has the author B M Gupta written?

B. M. Gupta has written: 'Handbook of Libraries, Archives and Information Centers in India; Vol. 8' 'Handbook of Libraries, Archives and Information Centres in India'

How many Digital libraries in Pakistan?

there are 204 libraries in pk

What has the author Subodh Kumar Mookerjee written?

Subodh Kumar Mookerjee has written: 'Development of libraries and library science in India' -- subject(s): Libraries

How many libraries are on UF's campus?


How many libraries are in New York?

New York has 500 libraries

How many public libraries are there in Pakistan?

There are 192 public libraries in Pakistan

How many public libraries are in California?

There are 1091 public libraries in California.

What has the author Jibananda Saha written?

Jibananda Saha has written: 'Special libraries and information services in India and in the U.S.A' -- subject- s -: Information services, Libraries

How many libraries are there in the state of Virginia?

when were there public libraries in all of Virginia's counties

How many libraries are there?

The actual number of libraries that exist is difficult to determine, due to a number of factors, including:What libraries are included in the count (public libraries, academic libraries, government libraries, corporate libraries, etc).How a "library" is defined (mobile libraries vs. traditional libraries vs. digital libraries vs. private libraries)Whether or not each branch of a library system is included in the countIssues with collecting these numbers (not all countries are interested or willing to participate in such statistics, and not all countries are even aware of just how many libraries they have)Here are some available statistics on the number of libraries that exist in specific countries:United States (121,169)8,951 Public libraries3,689 Academic libraries8,014 Special libraries275 Armed forces libraries1,060 Government libraries99,180 School librariesCanada (18,605)3,415 Public libraries732 Academic libraries7 National Special libraries14,451 school librariesUnited Kingdom (5,502)4,517 Public Libraries979 Academic Libraries6 National Libraries

How do you make a sentence with the word libraries?

(First, the word "library" is the singular, and the plural is "libraries.") There are many libraries in the town of Basorville. The University of Massachusetts has five different libraries.

What has the author Shaikh Allauddin written?

Shaikh Allauddin has written: 'Libraries and librarianship during Muslim rule in India' -- subject(s): History, Libraries, Intellectual life

Where can you find a library that subscribes to auralog?

Simply Google Auralog in libraries or Tell Me More in libraries You will receive many but not all of the libraries that subscibe.

How many libraries are there in the world?

It's difficult to determine the exact number of libraries that exist in the world. There are also different types of libraries (e.g. public libraries, academic libraries, special libraries, government libraries, school libraries, etc), so the total number of libraries that exist depends on if one is referring to only one type of library or to all types of libraries.One estimate from the OCLC gives a number of approximately 1 million libraries worldwide.

Are all libraries non-profit?

No. There are a lot of for-profit libraries. Most for-profit libraries are corporate libraries, while non-profit libraries tend to be public libraries. Many libraries charge other libraries for the use of their resources - particularly if they have rare or subject specific items. This charge varies from library to library, however it is often very expensive for public libraries and they typically lose money in providing this service.

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