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At last count, there were in excess of 2000 companies selling life insurance in the US.

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how many us life insurance companies are there.

The companies that offer the cheapest term life insurance in the US are Prudential Life Insurance and American Life Insurance. These companies can offer life insurance for pennies a day.

Companies in the US which offer both health insurance and life insurance are the US Health and Life Insurnce Company, RBC Insurance, Claria Life and Health Insurance Company, among others.

List of health insurance companies in the US can be found under life insurance companies list. Wikipedia also have a list for US health insurance companies.

There are so many life insurance companies in the US that it is so hard to keep count. At last count there were about 2000 companies. There are always new companies opening up so it's sure there will be more in the future.

Some companies that offer life and critical illness insurance in US include Life Protection, Sunlife, and American Fidelity Assurance Company. Other providers of life and critical illness insurance in US include Great West Life and Met Life.

There are several companies that issue ratings for life insurance companies, including: AM Best Company Moody's Standard & Poors Weiss Ratings

There are many types of insurance companies in the United States. There are some that sell automobile, watercraft, injury, construction, home, morgage, and even animal and life insurances.

Major banks have life insurance divisions such as the Royal Bank of Canada. The major US insurance companies have Canadian subsidiaries e.g. All State Insurance. An example of a Canadian life insurance company is the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

There are many popular property insurance companies in the US. Some examples of the most popular include State Farm, Allstate Insurance, and Travelers.

There are many "Mutual Life" insurance companies in the US, most with a state or area as part of their title. North Carolina Mutual Life (NCMutual) offers both term and whole life insurance for individuals as well as groups.

One can purchase cheap life insurance in the Unites States from CNA Financial. One can also purchase it from other companies like GMAC Insurance, Met Life, Allstate, American Family Insurance and many more.

To the best of my knowledge, In the US all life insurance companies cover suicide after 2 years of in force issue.

There are also plenty of company offering pet insurance in the US because there are many pets in America. Some of the famous pet insurance are health condition insurance, or full coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions for life as standard.

There are many US companies which offer cheap insurance for persons owning classic cars. Some of these include Geico, Prudential as well as State Farm Insurance.

There are several financial rating services that rate the financial strength of life insurance companies in the U.S. Among the leading financial rating services are: AM Best and Standard & Poor's.

Millions of people work for health insurance companies across the US. These range from local representatives to high level management and CEOs. offers users quotes for term life insurance throughout the US, including California.

There are many places to find reviews for insurance companies online. MoneySupermarket offers reviews for all of the major UK home insurance companies which have been written by customers. There is also another site called US Insurance Net which offers reviews about insurance companies.

Some companies that offer mortgage protection insurance are NAALife, Benefit House, US Banks, Nation Wide, State Farm, Parr Insurance Brockerage, and Life Plan USA.

American Income Life Insurance Company - Wichita, KS is an US company, It may provide house insurance in vancouver in Wichita

Upon extensive research it has proven difficult to access the names of insurance companies in the US that do not require a physical exam. Due to living in Canada results appear for Canadian companies but very little info can be found for the US. It appears that American National and Fidelity Life are two that offer life insurance without a medical.

Many insurance companies claim that they provide the cheapest car insurance rate. Among these companies are Liberty Mutual, GEICO, Esurance, State Farm, Progressive, Allstate and AAA.

Life Insurance for children is easily purchased today with many insurance companies in competition for the consumers. Globe Life offers a $1.00 for first month premium while Gerber Life has a "Grow-up" plan that starts premiums as little as $1.00 per week.

Each State has a regulatory office over insurance agents, underwriters and companies. Contact your State's Governor's office and they can connect you or give you the right telephone number.

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