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The Empire State Building contains 3,194,547 light bulbs. so my house has like 55 light bulbs, what the hell. :P lol

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Which famous building in New York is light up red on Valentine's Day?

The Empire state building

What light bulbs can you use to to decrease light pollution?

No light bulbs can reduce light pollution. But you can reduce a number of bulbs in your house or building. If you own a building, you could reduce and\or space apart the number of light pannals from each other.

What did the electrician say after fixing a light bulb at the top of the Empire State Building?

It was his high light of his carrier.

What did the electrician say after fixing a light bulb at the top of the Empire State Building worksheet how you do this equations?

The answer was: It was the high light of his career

What did the electrician say after fixing a lightbulb at the top of the Empire State Building?

for the pizzaz sheet: it-was-the-high-light-of-his-career

Which state help produce light in fluorescent light bulbs?

Which state helps produce light in fluorescent lightbulbs?

What is different between multi story buliding and tall building?

For instance a tall light house building has only one floor while Empire State Building (a multi storey building) has 102 floors.

Which state helps produce light in fluorescent light bulbs?

New York

Can you recycle halogen light bulbs?

Halogen light bulbs are a type of incandescent light bulbs and are filled with a halogen gas. The halogen gas gives the bulbs a longer life than traditional incandescent bulbs because it helps redeposit the evaporated tungsten back to the filament. Halogen light bulbs are not the same thing as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL bulbs), which have mercury inside and are often subject to state or local disposal regulations. Also, halogen light bulbs are not recyclable like CFL bulbs are.

What bulbs go in a s-10?

Headlight bulbs, high and low beam, parking light bulbs, signal light bulbs, brake light bulbs, dash light bulbs, interior light bulbs, plate light bulbs, etc.

Do they ever light up the Empire State Building with different colors?

Yes they do for special times like when the NEW YORK GIANTS PLAY OR THE JETS THEY LIGHT IT UP:):):)

Where can incandescent light bulbs be bought?

Incandeescent light bulbs are fairly common and can be bought at a variety of wholesale and retail stores, building material stores, and in some cases grocery stores.

Are light bulbs fragile?

why light bulbs are fragile

Is xenon in light bulbs?

In some light bulbs.

Do light bulbs emit light or suck dark?

Light bulbs emit light.

Do light bulbs emit light or suck in dark?

bulbs emit light

What can light bulbs do?

* light bulbs can kill you be very carfull

How many different kinds of light bulbs are there?

there are 98 different kinds of light bulbs. including colored light bulbs

What are light bulbs that save energy called?

Fluorescent light bulbs You could also have energy star light bulbs.

What are domestic light bulbs?

Domestic light bulbs are simply the light bulbs (usually of the filament type) used in the home.

How can you get light bulbs to light using 2 light bulbs 1 battery and 3 wires?

light bulbs use alternating current, batteries provide direct current, so you couldn't light the bulbs

How efficient are commercial light bulbs compared to industrial light bulbs?

Industrial light bulbs typically have larger wattage than commercial light bulbs. This is because commercial light bulbs are more commonly used in public as opposed to private homes.

What kind of light is used in light bulbs?

Light is not used in light bulbs; light is created in light bulbs. From Edison to the invention of solid state devices, light bulbs were mostly incandescent. They made light by running electricity through a tungsten filament inside a glass bulb with the air removed. The filament got very very hot and emitted light waves (photons). The lack of air (oxygen) preserved the filament from burning up. The efficiency was atrocious, but they made light.

What are carbon light bulbs?

Carbon light bulbs are a primitive form of light bulbs with a carbonized bamboo filament inside the bulb.

What are the round light bulbs called?

They are called halogen light bulbs

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