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i cant say because the little dipper is made op of many differt stars and alls 7 stars r different light years away. 4 example, the star kochab is 126 light years away and the star pherkad is 480 light years away.

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Q: How many light years away is the little dipper?
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How far away is the closest star of the big dipper to earth?

Mizar at 78 light years.

How far is megrez from earth?

Megrez the Faintest of the Big Dipper Stars is 66 light years away.

How large is the little dipper as compared to other parts of the solar system?

The 'little dipper', or the constellation of Ursa Minor, the little bear, is not part of the solar system. It consists of stars, like our Sun, which are much further away than any planet, even Pluto. Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation, is 434 light years away. Kochab, the second brightest star is 131 light years away. They, and the other stars of the group, have nothing to do with each other, they just happen to be in the same rough direction as seen from Earth.

How many miles is the little dipper from earth?

The Little Dipper is a constellation, a patterns of stars in the night sky that people pick out. It is not possible to give a distance of a constellation from Earth because it consists of many stars at very different distances from the earth. For example, Polaris, the brightest star in that constellation, is about 433 light years from Earth. But the second brightest star, Beta Ursae Minoris (also called Kochab) is about 131 light years from earth. The third brightest star is 487 light years away

Do the stars of little dipper twinkle?

All stars twinkle in some way. This effect occurs because the stars are so far away from the earth that the light they emit actually bends a bit in Earth's atmosphere thus producing a wavering light. So yes, the stars of the little dipper do twinkle.

How is the star Polaris compared to that of the star Sirius?

Sirius is the brightest star...Polaris is bigger then Sirius, Polaris is 360 to 820 light years away from earth, and Sirius is only 8.6 light years away. The Sirius star is known as the dog constalation, The polaris star is found at the tip and corner of the big dipper and the little dipper

Where is the big dipper located?

The Big Dipper is located in the constellation Ursa Major, which is visible in the northern hemisphere. It is one of the most recognizable star patterns in the sky and is often used as a navigational tool for locating other stars and constellations.

How many meters is the north star from the big dipper?

The Big Dipper stars and the north star are light years away from each other. it just LOOKS like they are near each other. In several hundred centuries, the Big Dipper won't even look the same because the stars in it are expanding away from each other at different relative rates.

Which is closer to earth the little dipper or the big dipper?

Both of those constellations are actually just what we see. In actuality, those stars may be just as far apart from each other as they are from us, and are most likely hundreds/thousands of light-years away from each other. To sum it all up, all of those stars are different distances from the Earth.

How does the apparent location of stars differ from the actual location of the stars in the big dipper?

Actually, surprisingly little. Four of the seven stars in the "Big Dipper" are at roughly the same distance from Earth (about 80 light years). The exceptions are the ones on the ends (Dubhe and Alkaid), which are significantly further away than the others (124 and 101 light years respectively), and the star where the "bowl" joins the "handle" (Megrez) which is only about 60 light years away. All the stars in the "Big Dipper" except for Dubhe and Alkaid are considered to be part of the Ursa Major "moving group" (a set of stars with similar velocities, positions, and ages thought to have a common origin). Our own sun is on the outskirts of the Ursa Major Moving Group, but is not a member (it's significantly older, and happens to be near the group just by chance).

How far away is the sun from the big dipper?

Roughly/average 90 light years away. The seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation do not actually lie within the same plane; they are different distances from us. Below is a list of the stars and the approximate distance of each from our solar system. NAME & DISTANCE (in light years) Mizar 78 Merak 79 Megrez 81 Alioth 81 Phecda 84 Alkaid 101 Dubhe 124

How many light years away from earth is M 99?

The answer to how many light years is M99 away from earth it is 25100 light years away!