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Every line of longitude intersects with every line of latitude and vic-versa.

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Q: How many lines of longitude does a line of latitude intersect?
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How many lines of longitude does one line of latitude intersect?

Every line of constant latitude intersects every possible longitude, and vice-versa.

Lines of latitude and line of longitude are perpendicular?

So as to create a particular location on the grid where they intersect.

The lines that intersect latitude lines on a map are lines of what?

Lines of Latitude encircle the Earth horizontally, and are parallel to the Equator. Lines of Latitude are intercepted by Lines of Longitude. Lines of Longitude run vertically from the North Pole to the South Pole. The Prime Meridian is zero longitude and passes through the Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich, London, England.

Are latitude lines called meridian?

Each 'meridian' is a line of constant longitude.

A line of longitude use that in a sentence?

The Prime Meridian is a line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England, and is used as the starting point for measuring longitude around the world.

Are Lines of longitude and latitude are used for locating certain points on the globe?

Yes. The intersection of a line of longitude and a line of latitude is a point on the globe, and that point is identified by the longitude and latitude of those lines.

What is the line of latitude near the north pole?

All the lines of longitude intersect at the earths poles and their point of intersection is the position of the pole.

What lies at the intersection of the longest lines of latitude and longitude?

All lines of longitude are equal. The longest line of latitude is the Equator.

Do lines of latitude sometimes intersect explain?

Lines of latitude encircle the earth, with the Great Circle being the Equator. Each line of latitude is parallel to each other, so will never intersect.

What type of line is a parallel?

Parallel lines are two lines that will never intersect, like this.________________________________________________________

Which line latitude and longitude parallel?

All lines of latitude are parallel with the equator.

When you move away from the equator where do meridians go?

Meridians converge at the poles and intersect the equator at 90 degrees. They are all great circle lines called lines of longitude. The equator is a line of latitude and the only line of latitude that is a great circle line. As you move away from the equator the lines of latitude describe smaller and smaller circles round the planet as you approach the poles.