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  • 44 UK (imperial) gallons = 200 L
  • 44 US (solid) gallons = 193.8 L
  • 44 US (liquid) gallons = 166.6 L
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A 55-gallon drum is 208.2 liters.

For petroleum, 1 drum = 220 liters.

A five-gallon drum can hold up to about 18.927 liters.

1 Drum is approx equivelent to 250 Litters

The standard industrial oil (or barrel) drum has a capacity of 200-liters. In United States gallons (gal) one barrel holds 55-gal.

A standard 55-gallon drum is equal to 208.2 liters.One standard size of metric "drum" is a plastic one holding 160 liters.This is roughly equal to the "barrel" measurement for oil (42 US gallons, 159 liters) which was the same as the English wine cask known as a tierce.210 litres

55 US liquid gallons equates to 208.197 liters.

Easy to do. One US gallon is about 3.785 liters so you simply multiply the number gallons of liquid by 3.785 to determine how many liters there are.

55 Imperial gallons = 250 L55 US gallons = 208.2 L

55 US gallons = 242.5 litres, approx.

A 35 gallon drum is equivalent to 132.49 liters. Which is also equivalent to 4,448 ounces, most commonly 280 pounds.

The average 50 gallon drum has the dimensions of 22.5 inches across and 33.5 inches in height. These can hold up to 200 liters.

There are 2 liters in 2 liters.

There are 4 liters in 4 liters.

5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters.

how many liters are in 32ounces

120 cc = how many liters?

20,000,000 micro-liters.

The Ghost Drum has 167 pages.

The Walking Drum has 468 pages.

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how many pints is 4 liters?

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