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How many liters of water in a 15 ft dia pool?

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How many litres of water in a intex easy set 15ft swimming pool with a depth of 36inches?

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How many gallons of waterina18ftby4ft dia pool?

A round pool that is 18 feet across and is 4 feet deep will hold about 7,617 gallons of water.

How many liters of water can a Siberian tiger drinks a day?

cuantos litros de agua puede beber el tigre al dia

What type of pump do you need to drain 24' dia x 4' deep above ground pool?

You could use your pool pump. or get a submersible pump. it is also not difficult to siphon an above ground pool with a pool vacuum hose. all you need is somewhere to run the water to.

How many liters in a 1 m length of .15 m diameter pipe?

about 17.7 liters if the pipe is 100% full. Volume of pipe = CA*Length Vol = (pi/4)*(dia.)2*(length) = 0.7854*(0.0225m2)*(1m) = 0.0177m3 1 m3 = 1000 liters, so the answer is 17.7 liters

Why isn't water a magnetic material?

Water is magnetic material but dia magnetic

How many gallons of water in 48 pipe one foot long?

4 foot dia. pipe = 94gal/foot give or take!

How many gallons does an 18 foot above ground pool hold?

In order to calculate the volume of the pool, the depth must be known. Then the volume must be multiplied by the number of gallons of water per cubic foot. The surface area of an 18-ft-diameter pool is 254.47 sq ft. Multiply that number by the depth (in ft) to find the volume. Then multiply the volume by 7.481 (gallons per cu ft) to find how many gallons the pool will hold. Example, 18-ft-dia pool x 3 ft deep 254.47 x 3 = 763.41 cu ft 763.41 x 7.481 = 5711 gallon capacity

How do you calculate the diameter of a wire?

calculate the dia of strain. calculate no. of strain. now dia of wire=no. of strain*dia of strain calculate the dia of strain. calculate no. of strain. now dia of wire=no. of strain*dia of strain

Unit weight of steel bars according to their diameter?

10 dia-0.61622 12 dia-0.8873 16 dia-1.5775 20 dia-2.464 32 dia-6.310

What does the suffix dia- mean?

There is no suffix of dia. Dia- is a prefix that means through.

How many liters of water in a pipe 100mm dia x10m long?

The volume of the pipe is [ (pi) x (Radius)2 x (length) ].The radius of the pipe is 50 mm = 0.05 meter.Volume = (pi) (0.05)2 (10) = 0.07854 cubic meter (rounded) = 78.54 litres.That's the volume of the pipe. We have no way of knowing how much watermay be in it. It may be empty, or full of spiders, etc.

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