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There are none

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Q: How many locks are there along the Amazon River?
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How many locks are there in the river Nene?

it has 17 locks kin total

What jobs do people do along the amazon river?

There are many jobs, example fishing is definitely one of them thx!

How many locks are in the river nile?


How many tributaries are in the river Amazon River?

There over 1'100 tributaries in the Amazon river.

How many locks and dams are on the Mississippi River?

there are 29 locks and dams

How many yards is the Amazon River?

Amazon River is the longest river in the world. Its basin is 4,195 miles in length or 7,383,200 long in yards.

Where can one find information for fingerprint locks?

There are many online websites that contain information about fingerprint locks. Some of these websites include GoKeyless, Brickhouse Security, FS Locks, and Amazon.

Does the River Murray Darling have a waterfall?

There is no such river as the Murray Darling. The Murray River and the Darling River are two separate and distinct rivers, with their sources over two thousand kilometres apart. The Darling is a tributary of the Murray. There are a few weirs and many locks, but no waterfalls along either Murray or the Darling.

How many bridges are in London across the River Thames?

7 and 44 locks

Did the Volga River ever have a dam?

It has many dams which are passed using locks

What can you find along the banks of the Amazon River?

thigs like waterfalls not many waterfalls native people masive bolders some of the bigest in the world

How many km less is the Amazon river to the river nile?