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He lost to many wrestlers in his career. There was too many too list.

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Q: How many losses did Goldberg actually have and to who?
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What is whoopi Goldberg daughter name?

it is actually Alexandrea Goldberg

What is a goldberg machines?

A rube goldberg is a complicated device to accomplish a simple task.Rube Goldberg was actually a cartoonist who drew these machines.

Who is better batista or goldberg?

My girlfriend is a huge Goldberg fan so this has come up (Mine was The Rock or Goldberg) so I have to remember to answer this UNBIASED.Statistically speaking, Even though Batista has 201 WWE wins which is as many wins as Goldberg's entire career (168 WCW, 28 WWE, 3 Etc.), he also is the owner of 126 WWE Losses. Goldberg has only lost 24 times in his career. 21 of them being WCW.So... Let's look at the big picture, if Goldberg and Batista came back for a one night only fight promoted by WWE, he's only lost 3 times and Batista has a 47.69% win probability. Goldberg's probability is 78.95%. My money's on Goldberg.

Does bill goldberg have a wrestling DVD?

No, Bill Goldberg doesn't have an actually dvd out. The only thing ever released for Bill Goldberg was when he was in Wcw back in the 1999 Wcw/Nwo Superstar Series: Goldberg Who's Next which was released on vhs. Wwe or Goldberg needs release DVD with all his matches from Wcw, Wwe, & New Japan matched.

How many grandkids does whoopi goldberg have?


What 1992 film did woophi Goldberg star in?

Three, actually. Sarafina, Sister Act, and The Player

How many jobs did rube Goldberg have?

Rube Goldberg worked as a cartoonist, sculptor, author, and engineer during his career. He is best known for his illustrations of complex machines that perform simple tasks, known as Rube Goldberg machines.

How many inventions did Rube Goldberg make?

A lot.

How many matches goldberg wins in WWE?


How many kids whoopi Goldberg have?

one daughter

How many awards did whoopi goldberg win?

Whoopi Goldberg has won an Oscar in the supporting actress for her role in the movie 'GHOST' (90).

Who are Whoopi Goldberg's siblings?

does whoopi goldberg have any siblings .Actually, yes. I believe she has one brother, Clyde. He was the first child born, and after Caryn (whoopi) was born, her father abandoned her, her brother, and her mother.