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Q: How many male students got to NYU?
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If one got a law degree at NYU can one practice law in all fifty states?

There is no justifiable answer to the question 'If one got a law degree at NYU can one practice law in all fifty states'. However according to NYU website they have students from all 50 states attending courses, therefore reading between the lines, on could practice law in all fifty states if one got a law degree at NYU.

Is 2020 on the SAT good enough for NYU?

I got accepted into the studio art program at NYU with a 2080 so yes I would agree that that score is good enough, however, there are many many other factors that are considered. I have friends with lower SAT scores that have been admitted without declaring a major and so depending on your GPA and which college you apply to at NYU, I would say that score is pretty good.

There are 80 students 10 percent get A's how many got A's?

80 x 0.1 = 8 students

If 80 students took a test 10 percent got a's 23 percent got b's 30 percent got c's 15 percent got d's and the rest failed how many students failed?


How many students got above 90 marks in uptet?


What are the requirements to get into NYU Stern Business school?

I am a student at NYU Stern, and I got accepted with these academic credentials:~ 3.9 GPA1450/1600 SAT710 Literature SAT2620 Math I SAT 2Extracurricular activities and volunteer work are incredibly important as well.Good luck!

In a class 22 percent out of 80 got a F in class how many students got a F in the class?

17.6 which is technically imposible

How many students got more than 9.4 cgpa in cbse class 10 board exam in India?

63% of students have got more than 9.4 cgpa in cbse class 10 board exam.

Each class had 17 students. On Tuesday 26 percent of the students were tested on the information and of the students tested 85 percent got an A. How many students got an A on the test?

There can be no answer.4 students out of 17 is 24% and 5 students out of 17 is 29%. So 26% represents a number of students between 4 and 5. But you cannot have fractional students. Furthermore, whether it is 4 or 5, 85% is again a fractional number. Clearly, the numbers in the question are seriously flawed.

What is the statistic for how many students get bullied by their friends?

i dont think someone would be there friend if they got bullied by them!!

Class 80 students took a test when the test papers were rated it was found that 10 of the students had A papers 23 had B papers 30 had c papers 15 had d papers and the rest failed how many failed?

80 students -10 - 23 - 30 - 15= 2 students That means that two students got an F and all the other students rather got an A, B, C, or D.

What degrees did jewel plummer cobb get?

In 1947 she got her M.S in cell physiology from NYU, she got her PhD from the same place in 1950. she got her B.A in biology from Talladega College in Alabame...not so sure about exactly wat year though.