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In order to answer the question, one must understand the difference between weight ounces and fluid ounces. If you are asking how many measuring cups are in 6 fluid ounces, the answer is 3/4 cup. However, if your recipe says something like "add 6 oz. of flour", this is a weight measurement. One must weight the ingredient rather than using measuring cups. Your recipe will not work if you make this mistake.

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Q: How many measuring cups are there in 6oz?
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How many cups is 6oz of flour?

That is about 1.34 cups

How many cups is 6oz flour?

That is approximately 1.3 cups

How many cups is 6oz of cheese?

That is approximately 0.8 cups

How many cups equals 6oz of chocolate chips?

3/4c =6oz. 1c=8oz.

How many cups of dry elbow macaroni make 6oz?

That is about 1.5 cups

How many cups does 6 oz of French's fried onions equal?

I opened a 6oz can of French's french fried onions and it filled, lightly packed, 4 US measuring cups

How many cups in 6oz sugar?

3/4 of a cup.

How many cups is 6oz of chocolate?

That is 3/4 of a cup

How many ml are in two 6oz cups?

That is 340.081 ml.

How many measuring cups in 1 pound?

Depends on size of measuring cups.

6oz of peanut butter equals how many cups?

Six ounces of peanut butter equals 3/4 cups.

How many cups to 6oz dry?

Impossible to answer without defining "dry"

How many gallons of orange juice serves 100 people?

About 10 gallons in 6oz cups.

How many measuring cups in 750 grams of sugar?

That is 3 cups

What is measuring cups?

measuring cups are cups that measure cooking things

How many cups are in six ounces of powdered sugar?

8oz in a cup. 3/4 cup=6oz

160 grams of flour is how many cups?

its 1 measuring cup It's 1 and 1/3 measuring cups.

How many cups of cornstarch are in 16 ounces?

After measuring it. 3 cups is what I found out.

What is dry measuring cups?

Cups for measuring dry goods in.

What type of measuring cups is used for measuring dry ingredients?

measuring cups for ingredients

How much 6 oz flour equals cups weight?

6oz ==

How many cups of choc chips equal 6oz?

Less than one - actually 3/4 of a cup.

How many cups can you get out of two pounds?

depends what your measuring.

How many measuring cups in one pound?

It depends on the thing you are measuring because the pound measures weight and cups measure volume.

18 oz equals how many cups?

It depends on what you are measuring. If it is a lightweight dry ingredient, you will have more cups of it than if you were measuring a liquid.