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How many men does Julia Roberts leave at the alter in Runaway Bride?

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Who is Nora Roberts Alter ego?

J.D. Robb

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Before the bride and he waits for her at the alter.

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A jilted woman is a woman that has been abandoned or rejected. This is a term commonly used to describe a bride that is left at the alter.

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When a bride or groom is left at the altar it is generally called 'left at the altar,' but, the other word would be 'jilted.'

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AnswerThe long piece of material that follows the wedding dress, and bride, while she's walking that last 20 feet or so to the alter. It's usually white, but it can be anything. It can be fairly long too; 20 feet. It's traditional for bride's maids to carry it while following the bride, but it can just drag along the floor just as easy.

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