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How many men in a platoon?

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A platoon has about 25-35 troops (there isn't really a set number, that's how many you see the most). A platoon sgt. and a platoon CO. There can be 4-6 men in a squad and 2-3 squads in a section and then 3-4 sections in a platoon. Every squad has a squad leader. This is how it is in the Marines.

Typically and ideally, there are 4 per fireteam, 3 fireteams per squad, 3 squads per platoon, add the platoon Sgt, Commander, and the Guide and 3 Squad Leaders and this comes to 42... and I am a Marine. Check your drill manual.

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Never mind the Marines and their overstrength platoons. According to FM 7-8 (Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad), an infantry platoon in Infantry, Air Assault and Airborne divisions consists of:

Platoon Headquarters:

Platoon Leader (lieutenant)

Platoon Sergeant (sergeant first class, usually, and this is aside from the sergeants who command a section, and each fire team of say 4 would be lead by a corporal.

Platoon radioman (probably a specialist or a PFC)

Three rifle squads consisting of nine men each--one squad leader (sergeant), two fire team leaders (corporals), two riflemen, two automatic riflemen and two grenadiers

One weapons squad consisting of a squad leader (sergeant) plus two machinegunners, two assistant machinegunners, two antitank gunners and two assistant antitank gunners.

Total number of troops: 39.

A rifle platoon in a Ranger company contains 40 men--they drop the two antitank crews and replace them with three, three-man machinegun crews--gunner, assistant gunner and ammo bearer.

Army infantry platoons used to be a lot larger--they had 11-man rifle squads with two riflemen, one automatic rifleman and one grenadier plus the fire team leader in each fire team. This changed when the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle came out--it won't hold an 11-man crew, so they had to change infantry doctrine to accommodate the equipment.

Given that, there's not really such a thing as a "standard" platoon outside the combat arms. I've been in 50-soldier platoons. I've been in 15-soldier platoons. It all depends on what unit you're in and how it's structured.

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How many men in a platoon during the civil war?

about 500 men per platoon fought in the war

How many men are in a platoon of men?

In most armies a platoon is approximately 30 men and is classically commanded by one sergeant and one junior officer.

How many men were in a platoon in the Vietnam War?

A US Infantry platoon might consist of about 40 men. A US tank platoon in Vietnam was five Patton tanks: each tank had a complement of 4 crewmen; 20 men per tank platoon.

How many men in a platoon in Indian army?


How many men in a modern infantry platoon in the us infantry?

There are between 35-71 troops in an infantry platoon.

How many men in a World War 1 platoon?


How many men in a platoon in world war 2?


How many men in a British Army platoon in World War 1?

There were approximately 38-40 in an infantry platoon in WW1

How many men in a German platoon?

Well, in WW1 due to treaty of Versailles, Germany were only allowed an army of 100,000 men! In a German platoon, I'd say around 30-70 men

How many men in a 81MM mortar platoon?

Typically, 38-40.

How many men in a rifle platoon of the British Royal Marines?


How many men in a 81mm mortar platoon in Indian army?


How many men in a basic training army platoon?

36 - 40

How many men in a us marine boot camp platoon?


How many men in Canadian platoon?

A Canadian military platoon usually consists of three squads of eight people. The number may increase or decrease depending on the mission of the platoon.

How many number of men in U.S. Army platoon?

Depending on the type (Infantry, MP's) of platoon the number of soldiers assigned to the platoon will be different, there are usually 4 squads in a platoon with each squad having about ten soldiers.

How many troops in a platoon how many platoons in a company?

The answer depends on the Country and the Period and even the type of unit. For example a Paratrooper platoon is smaller than an Infantry Platoon. For WW2 US infantry Division, the Platoon consisted of 3 Squads of 9 to 12 men per squad.

How many troops are in a platoon during the Vietnam war?

In Vietnam (20th century), a US Army infantry platoon might have an authorized strength of 40 men; a US Army tank platoon would be 20 men (4 crewmen per Patton tank, five Pattons per platoon). 21st century platoons are different.

How many men in a us army platone?

Depending on what type of platoon, it could be 25 - 40.

How many men in a military troop?

That depends on the type of unit you are talking about. An armor platoon has sixteen men. A mechanized infantry division has around twenty thousand.

How many soldiers in one platoon?

A platoon consists of 16-44 Soldiers.

How many soldiers inn a platoon?

In most armies, 26 - 30 in a platoon.

How many men were in 1st platoon at My Lai?

This is a link to an article on My Lai, and includes the individuals involved.

How many men in a World War 2 company?

A US Infantry Rifle Company contained 250 men in WW2. These were organized into 3 Rifle Platoons and 1 Weapons Platoon. A Rifle Platoon consited ot 3 Rifle Squads, each consisting of 10 men equipped with rifles, 1 with a 1903 Rifle(sniper) and 1 with a BAR machine gun. The Weapons Platoon consisted of 3 Mortar Squads and 2 Machine Gun squads.

How many platoon in a company?

In a British infantry battalion there are 3 rifle companies, 1 support company, 1 HQ company. Each rifle company is split into 3 platoons, and a HQ element. Each platoon is then split into 3 Sections of 8 men. Thee platoon is led by the platoon commander which is normally a 2nd lieutenant or lieutenant and a platoon sergeant. The sections are normally led by a corporal with a lance corporal as his second in command or 2 ic