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How many miles are there between Portland airport and Salem Oregon?


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There are 57.5 miles between Portland International Airport and Salem, Oregon.

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No, Salem is the capital of Oregon. Portland is the largest city of Oregon.

The driving distance from Portland, Oregon to Salem, Oregon is 46.8 miles. The driving time, depending on traffic, is roughly 51 minutes.

The airport code for the airport in Salem, Oregon, is SLE.

Salem is in northwestern Oregon (in the Willamette Valley). It is about 45 miles south of Portland.

Generally speaking anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on what part of Salem to where in Portland, such as downtown or by the airport, and of course traffic. During rush hour you can expect much more delays. From south Salem to downtown Portland, not rush hour traffic, about an hour.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon.Portland is the most populous city in Oregon. Salem is the Capital.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. It is the seat of Multnomah County, Oregon. Salem is the capital of Oregon.

Portland, Salem, and Oregon City

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and Salem is the capital of Oregon.

No, Portland is the largest city in Oregon followed by Eugene. Salem is the third largest city in Oregon.

Portland or Salem. Portland as the most populated city in the state or Salem as the Capital of the state.

Portland, Oregon. No, the capital of Oregon is not Portland. That is the largest city, but the capital is Salem.

Portland, Salem, Newport, Medford

I think three important cities in are Oregon, are Portland, Salem, and Oregon City.

Newberg is in Oregon, about 25 miles away from Portland Oregon. It's kinda halfway between Salem and Portland. Near McMinnville, Sherwood, Dundee, etc. Pretty close to Hillsboro.

Portland Salem Eugene Medford

The distance between the start point and the destination is 46.8 miles, and will take approximately 55 minutes of driving time.

Seatte Washington, Portland Oregon, Salem Oregon, Eugene Oregon

A one hour drive south of Portland will take you to Salem, Oregon-- the third largest city in Oregon.

Depending on where you're coming from/going to it's about 45 miles.

No. Although Portland is easily the state's largest city, the capital is Salem (no, not the one with the witches).

Eugene, Klamanth Falls, Pendelton, Portland, Salem

It takes about an hour, depending on how quickly you drive and where in Salem you're going.

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