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The shortest driving distance is 161 miles.


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The driving distance from Durham, UK to Leicester, UK is 172.05mi / 276.88km

Leicester is 131 miles (211 kilometers) from the city of Bangor, Wales, UK.

The total distance from Leicester, United Kingdom to Leicester, New York State is 3,470 miles or 5,584 kilometres.

The driving distance from Scotland to Leicester, UK is approximately 307 miles / 493 km

It is the same time in Leicester as London. London is the capital and Leicester is a city in the UK which is North of London.

It is approximately 170 miles. Taking the M6, it would take about 2½ hours to drive.

Leicester is in the east midlands in the UK!

Leila Blake was born in Southsea, in England, UK.

Leicester is in The UK , Englandand is a lovely place to live in (I live in leicester it rocks : P)

Sally Home was born in 1935, in Southsea, England, UK.

The driving distance from Leicester, UK to Lakeside, Ulverston LA12, UK is 178.74mi / 287.65km

Leicester North East - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1950.

Leicester North East - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1974.

John Penrose was born on May 5, 1914, in Southsea, England, UK.

John Gilpin was born on February 10, 1930, in Southsea, England, UK.

Marjorie Gordon was born on November 12, 1893, in Southsea, England, UK.

Roy Horniman was born on July 31, 1872, in Southsea, England, UK.

Peter Coke was born on April 6, 1913, in Southsea, England, UK.

Ernest Leicester was born on June 11, 1866, in London, England, UK.

Ernest Leicester died on October 5, 1939, in London, England, UK.

The UK is 94,526 square miles

The UK is 94,058 square miles.

its probably about 200 miles from UK

It is 3,427 miles from the UK to Cameroon.

Louie Pounds died on September 6, 1970, in Southsea, Hants, England, UK.

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