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how many miles is marshall island to Hawaii

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Q: How many miles between Hawaii and the Marshall islands?
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How far is Honolulu to the Marshall Islands?

The distance between Honolulu, Hawaii and the Republic of the Marshall Islands is approximately 2500 miles. In order to get there you either need to go by boat or fly to Guam then do some short ranged island hopping to finally get to the Marshall Islands. There are also direct flights from Waikiki to Majuro.

Where is Kwajalein?

Kwajalein Atoll is about 2100 miles southwest of Hawaii, and 1400 miles east of Guam. It is part of the Marshall Islands.

What is the area of the Marshall Islands in square miles?

Marshall Islands (Republic of the Marshall Islands) - 69.8 square miles.

What is the distance between the Hawaii islands and the marquesas islands?

2428 miles or 2109 nautical miles from Honolulu to Taiohae

How far is it between the island of Oahu Hawaii and the island of Maui Hawaii?

It is around 70 miles between the two islands

Area in aquares miles of marshall islands?

The Marshall Islands' area is 69.9 square miles (181 square kilometers).

Where is the Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument?

It is 140,000 square miles of the Hawaian Islands between Midway Island and the main islands of the State of Hawaii.

How many miles is it from Philadelphia to Hawaii?

It is 4914.0 miles from Philadelphia to the Islands of Hawaii but to get a precise answer you have to name a specific island/It is 4914.0 miles from Philadelphia to the Islands of Hawaii but to get a precise answer you have to name a specific island.

How many miles wide is Hawaii?

Since Hawaii is a group of islands the exact width of each island is different throughout the island. The length of the islands is 1,522 miles.

How many miles from Thailand to Marshall Islands?

There are approximately 4800 miles between the countries' capital and largest cities, Bangkok, Thailand, and Majuro, Marshall Islands.That is similar to the distance between London, UK, and Dallas, TX, or between Barrow, North Alaska, and Jamaica in the Caribbean.This could change depending on where in these countries you measure from. The distance from the Thai-Laotianborder (near UbonRatchathani)and the UjelangAtoll, Marshall Is., is only about 3730 miles.The distance from the Thai-Burmeseborder (near Mae Chaem)and the Knox Atoll, Marshall Is., is over 5100 miles.So, depending on where you are in these countries, the miles from Thailand to the Marshall Islands will range between 3730 and 5100, but chances are that it will be around 4800 miles.

What is the area of the islands of Hawaii?

Hawaii covers an area of 10, 931 square miles.

Where is the Kwajalein Atoll located?

Kwajalein Atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean approx. 2,100 miles southwest of Hawaii. This is the biggest coral atoll in the world and the Kwajalein Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands.

What is the distance from Hawaii to the aleutian islands?

According to Googlemaps, it is 2177.21 miles between the most northern point of Kauai, Hawaii and the most southern point of Umnak Island, Alaska.

What is the distance between Lanai City Hawaii and Princeville Hawaii. The two cities are on different islands.?

190 Miles, 305 Kilometers. Source: Google Earth They are on different Islands Lanai City is on the island of Lanai and Princeville is on the island of Kauai.

How many miles between Hawaii and Kuwait?

ahow many miles between Hawaii and Kwait?

What is the mileage between Maui Hawaii and Honolulu Hawaii?

If you are traveling from Maui, HI, to Honolulu, HI, you will travel about 142 miles. Honolulu is on the Island of Oahu; Maui is a separate island - you cannot "drive" between the two islands. However, you can fly or take the SupperFerry between the two islands. If you want to know the miles for your travel club or credit card, consult with your airline as some will log standard miles and others will log nautical miles (depending on their terms).

Distance from Honolulu to Wake island?

The distance from Honolulu, Hawaii to Wake Island is 2,305 miles. A flight takes about 4 hours 10 minutes. Wake Island is located just north of the Marshall Islands.

What is the worlds most isolated city?

The most isolated city in the world is Honolulu in Hawaii. The nearest city to Honolulu is Dalap-Uliga-Darrit, or Majuro on the Atoll of Majuro in the Marshall Islands, which is 2,282 miles away.

Is Solomon Islands in Hawaii?

No - Solomon Islands is a country of about 1000 islands found just East of Papua New Guinea. Hawaii is over 5700km (or 3500 miles) North East of Solomon Islands.

How many miles is it from St Thomas Virgin Islands to Hawaii?

Air miles from Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands to Honolulu, Hawaii total 5,953. That is 9,580 kilometers. That is 5,173 nautical miles.

How many square miles is marshal island?

The Marshall Islands cover an area of 70 square miles.

How big is Micronesia?

The totality of the land area of Micronesia is just 1,000 square miles. It includes the Caroline Islands, the Gilbert Islands, the Mariana Islands, and the Marshall Islands.

What is the width of Hawaii?

The world's longest island chain, the Hawaii Islands, is 1,523 miles (2451 km) long.

How many miles is it from California to Hawaii?

There are 2,498 air miles between California and Hawaii.

How wide is the state of Hawaii?

This may surprise you- the distance across the 9 main islands is only about 385 miles, but Hawaii covers about 1,500 miles in length. This is due to the numerous small, uninhabited MINOR islands that are part of the state.